Maiden publication: Obinwannem director reveals how the movement was established, what problems Igbo undergo abroad, and way forward

Obinwannem News Maiden publication: Obinwannem director reveals how the movement was established, what problems Igbo undergo abroad, and way forward

The head of Obinwannem Foundation Worldwide, Ugwu Okechukwu, on Sunday revealed how Obinwannem Limited Company was established. He emphasised on the challenges Ndi Igbo face worldwide; suggesting that unity remained a tool to achieving whatever quest we embark.

Ugwu Okechukwu hails from Nsukka, presently residing in Ukraine. In an ardent tone, he said the reason for establishing Obinwannem Foundation Worldwide was aimed at bringing all Igbo speaking tribe together to have a unity of purpose in developing the land.

Okechukwu also stressed the need to stand firm with Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to ensuring his release from detention.

The statement reads:
“I am Ugwu Okechukwu, from Amaji Nsukka in Biafra land, I am bringing this message to all Ndigbo from Ukraine, to free our people from the troubles we are undergoing worldwide.

“The main reason I establish Obinwannem Global Foundation, is to bring together Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo state, to disclose what our people are suffering in Diaspora, and how to ensure that our resources acquired would be used to develop our land, and live in unity wherever we find ourselves.

“Obinwannem Foundation Worldwide, exists to bring people at home and Diaspora to have one mind, one voice, that would ensure peace. We won’t churches to be terminated, and continue from where our fathers stop with the works of their hands.

“We have gone to Enugu Aguleri, in Anambra to tell our fathers our problems, how we can bring our people together, to stop war among ourselves and to bring about peace.

“I want you all to know that the reason why Igbo (we) are suffering both home and abroad, is because we left our customs and tradition, and embrace the western world idealogy. I want us to go back to our fatherland, leave church and indulge working for our land. The Whiteman is not our problem.

“The more reason why I formed Obinwannem, is as a result of the indifference portrayed by our people when I first traveled to Ukraine. I was disappointed by my people, who are only after themselves, not caring for their fellow Igbo. This made me eager to establish Obinwannem which implies loving your fellow Igbo brethren, rather than fighting each other, Obinwannem means not disappointing your brethren, it also means speaking the truth, measuring the same portion of cup to your brethren, the same way you want yours to be measured.

“Today, being ‘Nkwo-Ikuku’ I am calling on umu Igbo, to tell the world that any hand holding Nnamdi Kanu, should release him. It is through Nnamdi Kanu, that I came to know the ‘crookedness’ in Africa government. I don’t know who Nnamdi Kanu is, but through his voice I came to understand that he is my brother, and he mean well for me. I have traveled to Ukraine, South Korea, and I found out that the difference between Nigeria and these foreign countries is small – that is why I call on all Nd’Igbo to come together to develop our land, so that our people suffering in diaspora would come back home.

“I was the one that started IPOB in Ukraine, after listening to Nnamdi Kanu, I called him, he informed the coordinator, who actually explained how I can begin IPOB family. I later started IPOB family in Korea, and I became National Cordinator, Media Publicity in South Korea. I served under Nnamdi Kanu and Uche Mefor.

“IPOB is not a terrorist organization as as Nigerian government put forward. I have led protestd; “free our leader,” “give us referendum,” “free our people,” in Korea.

“There is one statement that Nnamdi Kanu used to say, that propel me in establishing a media outlet, he said that Ojukwu was defeated through media.”

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | July 4, 2021

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