Ex-Nigerian beauty queen ‘murdered’ in United States

Obinwannem News Ex-Nigerian beauty queen 'murdered' in United States

Najeebat Sule, second runner up at the Miss Nigeria International Peagent, in 2019 was said to have been killed, in cold blood, after several shots by an unknown man.

It was discolosed that she was in her car, in front of her family home in Philadelphia in the United States when an unidentified man shot her severally, steps away from her residence in 8800 block off Frankford Avenue

Najeebat, 24, was killed on March 12, 2021, three weeks after the incident, the police is yet to make any arrest, leaving Sule’s family searching for answers.

Sule’s close friend Habibat Magaji, told Journalists in Philadelphia that, she could not possibly see any reason why someone would want to have her killed.

Magaji was among the last people to have seen Sule alive before she was murdered.

The two women had spent the night before Magaji’s home. However, less than 24 hours later, Sule was sitting in her gray Toyota Corolla, exchanging text messages with Magaji, when an unidentified man shot her several times.

Sule’s father, Adewale Sule, heard the gunfire and emerged from the house just in time to see the suspect fire the last shots at his daughter.

The father said, “I saw the guy shooting my daughter. He shot the last round, I pursued him. He ran back to his car.”

Sule was rushed to Jefferson Toresdale Hospital, where she died after 30 minutes later.

Her mother, Tawakalitu Sule, said she last heard from Najeebat less than two hours before the shooting; when her daughter asked her when she was going to be home.

She said, “All my children have been crying every day because of their sister. They really miss her. I miss my daughter”.

Najeebat Sule had recently earned a master degree in Public Health from West Chester University, and was presently undergoing a doctorate degree.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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