Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s June 24th Broadcast

Obinwannem News Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's June 24th Broadcast

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said so many things about Nigeria and the Biafra struggle during his June 24th broadcast.

The broadcast which lasted for two and half hours was mostly on the meaning and creation of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also talked about the invasion of Biafra land by Fulani herdsmen including the emptiness of Aso Rock Presidential Villa.

The following are his keywords:

“Sometimes we may disagree, but here we must say the truth. We may disagree to agree as we are preparing for a new Biafra.

“As I promised am going to be very nice to everyone today, but the crisp of the matter is that we must remain consistent.

“In 2003, I told my Ikwere brothers that you are Igbo, they said no, I said but you are Igbo. You were trained with the money stolen from Biafraland, today we have one of the greatest IPOB branches in Ikwere.

“Everybody is Igbo, everybody in the east is Igbo. So this night we put to rest this whole Niger Delta rubbish.

“Before I say anything, I make sure that I research 4 times, because, Elohim said, “you must speak sense into them”. If you grew up in the village, you will understand that the one that the mother loves more is the one she rebukes.

“The Biafra we are building is the Biafra where everyone is a free man.

“Anything I tell you is the truth. Have I ever lied to you before? When I told you that Magu is corrupt you thought I was joking, but today the U.S is after him.

“I want you to go to your internet and type in something so simple because I want to cure those from the Niger Delta of their disease.

“I want you to go and look for the origin of the word “Niger”.

“I want you to understand the rationale behind putting a Benin man and Ogoja together in one place.

“I want you to google the word “Niger” what will come up will be “Nigga”.

“Miss Flora Shaw is the only one who can tell the whole world why she named you Nigeria.

“Where did the “N” word come from? Why should you get upset when a white man calls you a nigga? When the popular nation in Africa “allegedly” is called “Nigga-area”.

“Now I am asking you, why should you answer such a bad name given to you by a white girl?

“Now do you understand how you bring shame to yourself, by answering a cursed name.

“The funniest and the most interesting thing is that you are willing to fight, even kill to keep the name giving to you by a white racist girl.

“Do you know that you are occupying the epicenter of the world?

“A little white girl was sent by the white newspaper to Africa and she came to Africa and gave you the name “Nigga” and you are proud of it. This is the most humiliating and insulting name in the whole world.

“No wonder they don’t want Nigeria to break up. The only reason why they don’t want Nigeria to break up is to maintain the name darkness because Biafra is the light fighting against the darkness.

“I ask you, will you ever name your child Nigga? So why did you allow a white little racist girl, to name you nigga?

“So after this broadcast, will you still call yourself Nigga Delta? Or Nigga state? That is why your name follows you everywhere you go.

“And people are dying every day, fighting everyday to keep and sustain something that was created to dehumanize you.

“Because the white man knows that Nigeria is the populous nation in Africa, so there is a need to hold Nigeria down to destroy the rest of Africa.

“Is there any place in Spain called Nigreoland? NO. Only in Nigeria.

“How can you tell me that you went to school and you are answering darkness, with Green, White and Green flag. Nigeria was not created because they love you.

“The lectures we give you on Radio Biafran is priceless. If we begin to charge I don’t think anybody can afford it.

“Fulani on their own can not win any war, it is Britain that fought for them. The Biafran war was between Biafra and Russia, Britain and Egypt. The Nigerian army is useless they cannot fight.

“The Yoruba in the Nigerian army, they are a waste of space. Yoruba should stop being cowards.

“Have you seen your 240 people dead? An average Nigerian can not reason. The reason why you have brain is to think.

“It’s not like Tinubu and the rest does not know that Aso Rock is empty, they don’t just want Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to take the Glory.

“Are you telling me that you have a President and your embassy was destroyed and your president says no word? His wife was insulted and yet he says no word. Which God created the Nigerians?

“You can now walk up to any Nigeria embassy and set it on fire and nobody will talk because they know there is no President.

“Currently, because of Nigeria and Niger republic any white man from anywhere in the world can see a black man and call him a Nigga, and if you take him to court, he’ll win.

“Anybody that has a hand in Operation python dance will die. Just watch and see.

“No amount of evidence will convince an idiot.

“If after tonight somebody writes and says they are from Niger Delta, then you know the person is working for the JANJAWEED.

“If you are a foreign contractor and Nigeria is owing you, this is the time to seize their embassy because there is no more president.

“Can you believe that the country that prints your passport is the Irish republic. Does it mean there is no printing press in the ZOO?

“When I went to world Igbo conference I told them that these people are coming, and now they have come, and out of shame, none of then can ask for forgiveness.

“The Christian Association of Nigeria does not have a single twitter handle. I am the one that Tweet about the persecution of Christians in Nigeria, and the amount of money we spend every month. It’s not me, but IPOB.

“I thank you all for listening, and that is why we rededicate and we reaffirm that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me, from here, is Good evening”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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