Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast on August 5

Obinwannem News Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's broadcast on August 5

Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast on August 5

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as usual, made a remarkable broadcast addressing Biafrans and the world.

With anger, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu disclaimed a previous misleading statement by the Ohanaeze Ndigbo where it stated that IPOB begged to be deproscribed.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also condemned attacks by the Nigerian military against #RevolutionNow Protesters in Abuja.

Other things he pointed out includes:

“We are doing the best we can to make sure we come to you Live and Direct! However, we are going to see what we can do to rectify the problem, but if all efforts fail, or should there be any interruption during the broadcast of which I am sure there will be, please use other platforms such as our Radio Biafra App. Darkness can not stop us this evening.

“Tonight we start by laying a background as we normally do.

“Such an important and critical meeting you have been asking for ages, and now you finally got it and what did you do? You quickly ran to Abuja, acting to be in control of IPOB, can you imagine such an uttered garbage.

“All of you who have been advising me to take it easy with Ohaneze, tell me, what have we done to them now?

“Somebody has even said that having a meeting with Ohaneze is like Aburi Accord, they will say one thing and do another thing.

“I don’t want people to say that we are stubborn and we don’t listen, now we have given them the opportunity and have you seen where it led us?

“They even said in their press release that IPOB should work hand in hand with Tony Nnadi one-man band, onye ara bu file akpaghari.

“This was the same thing they did when we had the JANJAWEED ebe di njo, and they have done it again.

” So this has been their plan all along so that they can show their masters that they are in control. We must continue, we have to continue.

” There was a Revolution now that happened in Abuja today, and you should have seen the convoy of military men and police, and many people were arrested just for doing a protest.

“The army said that they have no men to fight Bokoharam and protect families in Southern Kaduna, but you have more men, and more men to go and arrest protesters.

” You’ve heard of violence protest going on around the world and none has been arrested.

” The army left the war front, the army left Southern Kaduna to go and arrest those who are fighting for you for a better living.

” Some of you forgot that communism collapsed in Soviet union because soldiers refused to shoot at the protesters.

” Some of you, you wake up in the morning, you wear that your stupid army uniform, or civil defense uniform, you go out to arrest people who are fighting for freedom for the looters.

” I don’t know what is wrong with the HAUSA, the same mistakes you made in the past, you are repeating today. Hausa I am asking you, does it mean you people enjoy being slaves?

” Have you not seen the video of the national guard in America that were called out to stop protesters, and later joined the protesters?

” Some of you fools cannot reason very well, if you are privileged with a bit of common sense, you won’t be going out there to arrest those fighting for your freedom.

“Britain knows that Fulani owes Bokoharam and ISWAP, have they killed anyone? It appears that the more armed you are, the more you are feared and respected.

“You are carrying a gun arresting someone who is fighting for good roads, there is something wrong with a black man’s head.

“I keep asking a black man, don’t you have shame? That a white man can come and build you a country.

“You that is shouting one Nigeria, ask yourself this question, why is it that when FULANI’S are attacking the army refuses to respond?

“They planned what they are doing many years ago, including the idiots that are going about arresting people and yet your villages are under siege, your mothers are being raped.

“We are not fighting for marginalization, we are fighting for freedom and we are not waiting for anyone.

” Come and join IPOB, let’s join hands and make Biafra another Japan.

“ISIS and Al-Qaeda are planning to invade the South, and they will take it. What happened to Israel will happen to us, we will have to fight our way back in.

“As some of you sabo are busy doing your work for Nigeria, your mothers will be raped.

“And I kept asking them, what are you doing in the Nigerian army?

“All of you canvassing for Igbo presidency, let me tell you, the history of your people they kill. You’re running away, they kept killing you and you are running around like a stomach upset.

“Thunder will fire all of you fighting for new Nigeria garbage, you will all die a painful death.

“You want to contest for Nigerian Presidency, they hate you, Fulani hates you, you are like a goat following the owner, one day they will slaughter you and use you for celebration.

“You all have forgotten what they are doing to you, but tonight am here to remind you.

“Let him come abroad again, let him surround himself with all the armies in the world, we will pull off his mask and the world will see Aisha’s boyfriend face.

“Your eyes must open, by fire by force. We must continue preaching this gospel until your eyes are opened.

“The Fulani came with AK47 to kill you, and you are busy declaring fasting and prayer.

“Attorney general is a thief and he’s corrupt, Police commissioner corrupt, even the presidency is corrupt, and where are they all from? Fulani.

“I will only take one or two calls tonight, there are people that said they have something important to say.

“I said we are not going to stay more than two hours on air tonight, being a night of betrayal and a night we are going to bring the Biafra restoration to its logical conclusion.

“I thank you all for listening, as we maintain always that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, from me from here, it is Good evening.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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