Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast of August 26, 2020

Obinwannem News Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's broadcast of August 26, 2020

Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast of August 26, 2020

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu condemned the killings of over 21 members of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB by a combined team of the Nigerian security operatives at Emene, Enugu State on Sunday.

He maintained that all those security operatives who are complicit of the act will surely go down.

Below are his keywords:

“We are moving on relentlessly, of course, our minds are sober in mourning of our people who were not armed but were mulled down by the enemies. “It doesn’t matter what we encountered but eventually victory is ours.

“Are we going to suffer? yes, are they going to kill us? yes, are we going to kill them? yes, but in the end, we always win. “Our enemies must understand that we are ready for them. “Very soon, no killings must be tolerated, no harassment will be tolerated.

”It is quite unfortunate that those that gave us the bible have turned around using the Fulani to kill us. Britain hates us and wants us dead, and they are using Fulani to do so.

“The order I gave still stands until Biafra is restored. “For anybody we lose, we will kill 100 of them.

“People said I should not sound violent and I said to them, to hell with them. “It doesn’t matter how many they are in numbers, they will fall and we will keep marching.

“It doesn’t matter how our enemies are disguised, they are JANJAWEED they always misbehave.

“People must understand who we are, for over a decade, we have been hoping that the world will understand our plight for over a century.

“They frightened you all into submission because Buhari died they pick up every idiot they can find and put on a mask on them and do whatever they want.

“The order has been given and it will never be rescinded until Biafra is restored, we will keep hunting them.

“As Obasanjo said, “when you see what you are not supposed to see, and you refuse to do what you are supposed to do, you will live with the consequences”.

“The Governor of Zamfara implemented the use of Islamic calendar in schools, in a supposedly Christian colonized country.

“Anyday you sit down and think of slavery and the role a black man played in enslaving his own, only then you will think straight.

“The creation of a state in Nigeria is an indication that a black man is inferior to a white man.

“Ask yourself, how is it that people without education that move cow around were able to overrun those with Ph.D., ask yourself how is it possible.

“Ask yourself how was it possible for cattle rearer to overrun the HAUSA with over 300 years of civilization.

“Now they are using the same method they used on Hausa and Yoruba on Biafrans by recruiting the Efulefus in our land.

“We are warning any Efulefu Biafran in the Police, Army and DSS, if they send you to come and kill Biafrans and you foolishly come, I can assure you, you will die.

“The reason why they do what they do is to get money from JANJAWEED to build houses, they never loved our people.

“People should be able to understand when their land is in trouble. The only thing that can stop Fulani is the Atlantic and of course, IPOB.

“I am very happy that Pastor Chris Oyakilome is saying the same thing we are saying. He listened to our broadcast, made his research and agreed with us.

“Did you name yourself black? A white man named you black because they said that you are backward, you are evil and don’t like light. “Nigeria Is already divided, you are operating a multi-system sham democracy.

“If we had relied on people to carry our news by now we should have been dead like BIM. “Because of your presidential ambition, we must suffer, only for you and your family to answer head of state.

“As I told some efulefu that joined me in IPOB a while back, that a black has a problem, ideological inconsistency “Are you more learned than Azikiwe, and yet they were able to maneuver him.

“The Enugu Governor has been told by Abaribe to constitute a panel of inquiry.

“They must do so, that the world may know what exactly happened in Enugu. That Fulani security agents are Terrorists.

“The Nigeria soldiers were told not to wear their uniforms, to avoid IPOB attacks, and we say wear mufti and come out we will hunt you down.

“The Police commissioner in Enugu state you have started something you cannot finish. “It doesn’t matter if you are Igbo, Ijaw or Ibibio, as long as you are with them you are the enemy of the people.

“You have started what you cannot finish, Nnamdi Kanu is alive and you think you can take over Biafraland, you are dreaming. “That is why you brought BBC Igbo to confuse some Efulefu in our land.

“Fulani for nearly 200 years they have been on the March until they reach the Atlantic, but Efulefu will never see that.

“Once you come out to betray your people, Fulani will reward you that is the legacy they learned from Ukpabi Asika.

“The Fulani plays what you call the waiting game after they have planted so many traitors inside your people they strike. “Ask yourself, why there is no regional security for the east, because they have been promised the presidency they will never see.

“The FULANI’S are doing the work of the devil.

“Britain knows that if Biafra arises they will be the better economy by far. “Tinubu doesn’t believe in one Nigeria, even your Efulefu politician they don’t believe either, all they want is power and to make money.

“Sabo nti ike, and BBC Igbo, sabo headquarters do you see it now? Even Tinubu doesn’t believe in one Nigeria. “Nobody believes in one Nigeria, nobody in their right senses will believe in one Nigeria.

“Why will they come to IPOB meeting in Enugu and start firing, killing innocent people, have you asked yourself why? To intimidate you and make way for Miyetti Allah.

“A girl was raped to death, there was no DSS and police and army. “They told us, Fulani will decide who will be your Governor. ” For some, Biafra is our Religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, Chukwu Okike Abhiama is our God”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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