Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his broadcast of July 29

Obinwannem News Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his broadcast of July 29

Keywords of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his broadcast of July 29

An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu after which he continued with the gospel of redemption; the gospel of the restoration of Biafra and the destruction of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu condemned the actions of social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter deleting videos by a Nigerian-American-based Doctor, Dr. Stella Immanuel, who claimed to have recorded a 100 percent success rate in the treatment of COVID-19 using hydroxychloroquine.

He said: “We are starting by letting the whole world know what the damnable Nigeria Republic is up to, and now Facebook has joined them. Why is Facebook hellbent on doing the work of the devil?

“I want to warn Facebook and the numerous consulting firm supporting the evil Nigeria to stop their evil deeds or face its consequences.

“The reason why we were not prepared in 1967 and 1970 is because our people were immense in idol worship. But now, having stood on that commandment, thou shall have no other God beside me” Biafra must come, and that is why our enemies can never never prevail over us.

“If they like let all of them gang up and keep meeting, we are unstoppable, they can never prevail.

“What we are doing is beyond the comprehension of man, Chineke onye pụrụ ịme ihe nile.

“JANJAWEED came to spread terrorism, Fulani came to spread terrorism, we have come to preach the word of God, whom do you think God is going to side with?

“What makes you think Niger-area will prevail over the children of light, who told you that? Nothing good can come out of the Zoo absolutely nothing, that is why we have made this programme this far.

“That is why IPOB is in over hundred countries, there is nothing any man can do about it, they are amateurs.

“You have no light, you have no water. You finish your work in Victoria Island, you go back to Ajegunle.

“Facebook removed a video of a woman who tried enlightened the world, that’s the work Facebook is doing, they are doing the work of the devil.

“Let me tell you something, the night templers discovered something so unique that they used it to blackmail the Pope until the Pope had them killed.

“Britain gave you a name meant to insult you and you wake up and say that you are a Niger-arean and you are not ashamed.

“Now we ask, how does a name affect your identity? If there is nothing in a name how come you don’t name your children Lucifer, why not?

“That is why our name is wonderful and Nigeria wanted to delete it.

“When the British came to Arochukwu we asked them who are we, and they say you have no history, until Lugard wrote and called us the great Igbo race.

“Maybe we should start charging people for this lesson that we offer, and you think you can defeat IPOB in a debate.

“Nigga, Nigger they are all the same word, the name Niger-area is a vulgar word that you cannot pronounce it.

“The reason they gave your sovereignty to China so that they can help them say no to Biafra.

“But since last year Nigeria was boasting that their sovereignty is none negotiable, but you have given it to China.

“I told them that you will be exposed, and as if that is not enough, they went again and collected another loan of 500 million naira from China for railway.

“But these same people have already pocketed two billion sold in oil and gas which would have been enough to solve their problems.

“One man said that every tribe has their own Saboteurs, but an Igbo Saboteur is possessed by an evil spirit.

“Now you do understand the meaning of their name, Niger-area. I want someone to raise their child and call him darkness.

“That is why they don’t want Biafra to come, because Biafra will teach you what you don’t know, that is why Biafra will be a confederation.

“Do you know what makes a failed state? they were corrupt, that is how Isa funtua went to the central bank and collected 400 million, bought Etisalat and changed the name.

“I am telling Facebook that the name is Niger-area, so do your worst.

“Everybody working for Facebook should go back to school, you are not educated, God punish all of you, mad people everywhere.

“That thing they are planning must happen this year, it must happen this year.

“I told you here on air that there is no border post, anybody can walk into Nigeria and claim citizenship, is it not happening now, a person from Niger Republic is coming to be your ambassador.

“Because they are all making money in Africa so let’s leave them after all they are Africans.

“This year all these nonsense will end, and all the Saboteurs will suffer and you will go back blind to your Fulani masters.

“If our fathers can invent what they did back in the ’60s can you imagine what we can do now, they don’t know we are ready.

“They have disconnected me on my page but we are going back to my page.

“Do you see how cowardly they are, they cannot handle the truth, we are hitting them hard.

“As I started explaining what a sitting Fulani is doing, he said that Fulani across Africa, they came from across West Africa to take up your land.

“All you useless Governors have you seen what your mates are doing, using their allocation to import their fellow Fulani all over Africa to come and take your land, and you are sitting there yapping. Saboteurs your village is next.

“They are the ones supporting Terrorism but they will go to southeast Governors and ask them not to support IPOB.

“Every SARS COMMANDERS, every Traditional rulers that have arrested IPOB, God is my witness, we will find you and we will deal with you just as MOSSAD from Israel did against the Saboteurs.

“This 2020 something must happen. I don’t fight like a coward, I first tell you what I am going to do before I do it.

“Fulanis are busy killing your people and you can’t do anything, if it is an Igbo man you will be running your mouth like popcorn, useless people everywhere.

“You closed your borders and they left their own open for their brothers from all over Africa to come in, and the British thought we should fold our hands and keep quiet, they know it’s not possible.

“Sardauna of Sokoto is the man Buhari is emulating until I killed the idiot. I did not kill him literally but I told him that he must die and the next Maaman Daura.

“Once the Fulanis is doing the killing, Britain will not say a word, but if it were other tribes you will hear them talking garbage on every newspaper headline.

“They are now killing our people in Ajao Estate and they will say it was an explosion. I don’t know when Nigeria had an underground gas pipeline.

“Everybody associated with the Python dance must go down, write it down.

“All of you clamoring for Igbo Presidency, that’s the end for you, no more zoning for presidency.

“An Igbo man with his traitorous behavior, they told him to kill Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB so that they can get the Presidency, and now they have let them down.

“Haitian Revolution, an Igbo man was the first to defeat an European army.

“The reason why we are here is to restore Biafra or we die restoring Biafra. This year 2020 something must give. I do not believe that Britian can create a nation, we want to go back to what we were before, Biafra to Biafra and Oduduwa to Oduduwa, if in the future our children decide to come back together, that is entirely up to them.

“On that note, that is where we bring this broadcast to an end, as we continue to maintain that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God, from me from here, it is Good Evening”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

  • God bless your efforts Ohamadike mazi nnamdi KANU forward ever , backward never , united we stand but divided we fall.

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