Kenya defaults immigration process over Nnamdi Kanu’s extradition – Aloy Ejimakor

Obinwannem News Kenya defaults immigration process over Nnamdi Kanu's extradition - Aloy Ejimakor

Attorney to Nnamdi Kanu, Barrister Aloy Ejimakor made some revealing assertion implicating Kenya for unlawful extradition of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu without following due process.

According to Sahara reporters who obtained the information, Ejimakor faulted Kenya, for choosing to expel Kanu to Nigeria, even when he traveled to Kenya as a British citizen, he added that Kenya would have expelled him back to Britain, not to Nigeria. “choosing to expel him to Nigeria means that he could’ve also been expelled to any other country than Nigeria”, he said.

” Because Kanu presented himself to Kenya as a British citizen, not a Nigerian citizen, and not even a dual citizen. In international law, it was clearly a three way immigration contract between Kanu, Britain and Kenya. Nigeria was not a party to it, and Nigeria was never in reckoning at the Kenyan port of entry when Kanu presented himself for admission . Lawyers call it privity of contract and it is inviolable.

“Further, counting from the time of Kanu’s abduction to his infamous redention, Kenya saw no other travel document that could’ve attributed any nationality to Kanu other than that of Britain. Or, was Kanu admitted to Kenya on a Nigerian birth certificate?

“So it’s dubious that Kenya attributed Nigerian citizenship to Kanu merely because those that sponsored the abduction and redention presumably told Kenya that Kanu war born in Nigeria. What about the credible claims (in public domain) that Kanu had renounced his Nigerian citizenship? if place of birth should count, then renunciation should also count”, he said.

“Kenya should have treated Kanu exclusively as a British citizen because, even as Hague convention required Kanu to meet one of two conditions, he actually over qualified by meeting both condition.

“Therefore, as a strict matter of foreign relation law, as applied to Britain and Kenya(minus Nigeria) Kanu is technically still in Kenya. Why? Because Kenya was the last country in which Kanu-a bona-fide British citizen was lawfully admitted”.

Ejimakor however, encourages Britain to take the responsibility of asking Kenya to give account for the whereabouts of her citizen, Nnamdi Kanu, who was last seen in Kenya as of June 19th 2021.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News /August 8, 2021

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