Kanu’ll appear in court on one condition – Lawyer

Obinwannem News Kanu'll appear in court on one condition - Lawyer

• Condemns Kanu’s ‘trial inabsentia’

Special counsel to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Aloy Ejimakor, Nnamdi Kanu has revealed the cause of his client continued absence in court.

Recall, the court had scheduled yesterday for the commencement of Kanu’s case of treasonable felony.

However, Obinwannem News learned there was no proceeding(s); on the account that the time of notice was very slim, according to the defence counsel.

Meanwhile, Mr Ejimakor has opened up (that) the IPOB leader is ready to face trial, but conditionally. He cited that in the lieu of ‘trial inabsentia,’ the court should determine his client’s absence – why ‘Nnamdi Kanu’s home was raided in 2017 by the military, killing 28 persons, consequently’.

“Our position is that the court should have conducted a hearing as to why Nnamdi kanu has repeatedly failed to appear in court.

If that enquiry is conducted it will bring to the fore what happened in September 2017, and it will give an opportunity to introduce evidence in the proceedings to demonstrate why nobody under such circumstances should be expected to appear in court because the army went in there to kill him I don’t know what the court expected him to do; to stay here and be killed and be brought to court or what?

“If someone is on baill such a person is under the protection of the court. And now, and agency of the same government that is prosecuting this man sent its armed forces to kill this man. 28 men were killed.

The court is not making an inquiry into that. They are solely concerned about proceeding with his trial inabsentia. We just have to get to the root; why did he not appear in court? That is the question.

“If it is settled, it will be determined on whether he jumped bail, of which no conclusion like that will ever be reached. If the court makes such inquiry, it will also give the court an opportunity to determine what happened in 2017.

Then they can tell Mr Kanu to come and face your trial in court because the court will give you protection. When that is done, he will come. I guarantee he will come. Once the court makes a pronouncement on why he is not there, and makes a ruling, then he will appear.”

The legal luminary faulted the judicial system, saying that “it shouldn’t happen in a well-ordered system”.

“If they proceed with absentia trial, the international community will see it as kangaroo,” Ejimakor cited.

The court, upon noting the defence’s excuse, adjourned until January 27, 2021.

Ozoemela Chikwas reporting, Obinwannem News

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