Kanu spits fire, says IPOB spends $100,000 monthly to fight for Christians in Nigeria

Obinwannem News Kanu spits fire, says IPOB spends $100,000 monthly to fight for Christians in Nigeria

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has condemned the silence of Nigerian Christian religious leaders over the incessant killings of Christians in Nigeria, stressing that while they feel less concerned, IPOB is on monthly basis spending one hundred thousand US dollars ($100,000) fighting for Christians in Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said this during a live broadcast on the known Radio Biafra on Sunday.

Kanu also said those same Christian leaders were quiet over the proscription of IPOB.

Speaking on the root of the problems Biafrans are faced with, Kanu said that it’s all a result of God’s punishment on Biafrans.

“I need you to understand this, we are highly Godly people. Every problem affecting us as a race is our making; I want you to go to the book of Exodus, 21:16. That is the beginning of our problem. The bible said in the book of Exodus, “He that sells slaves and he that kidnaps a man, whether he sells him as a slave, he will surely be put to death”.

“Because black people sold their own kind, that is why the whole world is treating them like animals, the brothers of Joseph sold him to the Arabs, and God punished them, the same thing we did as a people, we sold our own”.

“Do you know why the British gave power to the JANJAWEED? All are in the plans of Elohim to punish you for the evil that we did. But since after our atonement, Elohim has taught us how to worship him better”.

Speaking further on the marginalization of Biafrans, Kanu said: “Can you tell me why Abia State is 138 cut-off mark, and Zamfara and Sokoto only needs 9 cut-offs, and these are your so-called fellow Nigerians.

“Now I’m asking you that want us to be one Nigeria, on what basis?

“If someone who scored only 2 percent can go to unity school while your children with higher score can’t, then where is the incentive?

Kanu also reacted on how most prominent people in Nigeria kept mute over the evil redressing the country.

“Why is it difficult for an average Nigerian to speak out against evil? Does it mean that your Pastors, your elders, your senators cannot see all these injustices and yet they do nothing?

“A Biafran woman was killed, her two legs cut off, her head cut off and nobody is saying anything. And that woman belongs to somebody.

“You are jumping up and down black life matters when a Biafran woman was slaughtered and her body parts torn apart.

“There is no lockdown in the north, but in Biafraland they said we should go sit at home.

“The producers and the production managers of BBC Igbo are all Fulani. Our enemies are many but we must overcome.

“While we sat at home, our land and our farmland have turned into fertile land for rape and killing of our mothers.

“I told you, I warned you, in 2013, that they will rape your mothers and daughters, have you seen it now?

“You are in Abuja fooling yourself, you are in Lagos fooling yourself, and our mothers are in Nigeria dying of hunger as they cannot go to the farms.

“Now that they are killing us, BBC won’t come. As soon as we start defending ourselves, you will see BBC and Channels.

“Are you telling me that forty years ago, that someone will come to Igboland and cut a woman into pieces without anyone saying anything? That is the era of Ohaneze ndi aruru ala we are living in.

“Most of these Fulani’s comes from Mali and Mauritania killing people and yet you have a President.

“If there’s anyone to apologize, it should be Africans, because we opened our borders and told the white that we have slaves to sell. If we did not, they wouldn’t have come.

“They said we are going to be like the Southern Sudan and I said yes, because, the fastest growing economy in Africa is Southern Sudan.

“As long as Africa is a disgrace, Black Africans will continue to be disgraced. Until the light which is Biafra is switched on.

“True repentance can only come until you have set the children of God free.

“We are the only people in the history of the world that commercialized the sale of our fellow human beings, and that is why God is punishing us today.

“You that sold them from Africa have you repented? All the money you gave to daddy G.O., how did you get blessings from it?

“Church of England and bank of England apologized for dabbling into slavery. As soon as the sales of slavery stopped they told us that Jesus is lord.

“If you want to debate me, debate me. Don’t hide under your shame. Come out let me swallow you.

“Did the Anglican church dabble into slavery? Yes. I also expect the Catholic church to do the same, apologize because the Pope authorized slave trade. It is a historical fact.

“Our believe is on “Onye Na Chi Ya”!!

“Go to my Twitter handle, I fight for Christians every day. Most of the Priest that helped Biafra are Catholics and I respect them.

“IPOB brings out 100,000 USD every month to fight for the Christians which your daddy G.O. cannot do.

“Your daddy G.O’s were there when IPOB was proscribed and they said nothing.

“Togo is a very fine example. Do you know that Togo was once a German colony, and they were handed over to France, like a prostitute, only in Africa.

“From today, we should refer to them as Oduduwa not Yoruba. Yariba is a derogatory name.

“The JANJAWEED are preparing to go to war with us, by killing our people, and Biafrans in America are sleeping.

“For those of you that want me to return back to our original way of broadcast, I will do that from next week and hopefully you have changed. Otherwise, I will return back to the same ways”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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