Kanu decries rape, detention of over 160 Biafrans in Abuja, Niger State

Obinwannem News Kanu decries rape, detention of over 160 Biafrans in Abuja, Niger State

• Alarms assassination attempt on IPOB lawyers

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has condemned the unwarranted harassment of the Biafran people by security forces. He said about one hundred and nine (109) people are in a detention facility in Niger State, while fifty-six (56) women are scattered all over bars in Abuja.

Speaking further, Kanu lamented the inhumane treatment meted on those in the said detention facilities. He said the women were being “gang raped,” while “the men are being harvested of their organs, and sent to India”.

In his words: “As I am talking to you, 109 people are in a detention facility in Niger State; 56 women are scattered all over bars in Abuja. The (military) come to our land, they abduct our men and women, they take them to the North . . . they rape our women repeatedly as some of you may have seen (in the media). The only underwear they put on, since they were arrested, is all they have. They have no soap to wash their underwear.

“Every night, Fulani soldiers would take turns to gang raping our women. The men are being cut off into pieces; their parts, organs are sent abroad for money.”

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More so, the Biafran leader raised alarm regarding an attempt to “assasinate” an IPOB lawyer, Mr Chukwuemeka Richard Okorafor, whom he said was chased along the road, in a moving vehicle; leaving the lawyers car shattered with bullets.

“Barrister Chukwuemeka Richard Okorafor, who has been instrumental in identifying, locating all the places that Biafrans were illegally transported to, at the end of the #EndSARS protest, ostensibly from Obigbo, Igwuocha. He identified those places; he brought that to the attention of the world, and has been working tirelessly to secure their release.

“Earlier today, February 25, somewhere around Suleja (Niger State), the Nigerian army, sponsored by Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, tried to kill Barr. Chukwuemeka Okorafor. He drove all the way to Suleja, where our intel told us the military are holding our people. He went to that very place, and confirmed the presence of about 109 Biafrans (men and women). This is not the 56 women in Abuja; a different one altogether.

“As he was coming out of the detention facility, traveling, they trailed him, bombarded his (moving) vehicle with bullets – I want the pictures circulated.”

Kanu also stated that a good number of detained Biafrans had been released. He also slammed the governor’s for being passive in the face of the crimes against humanity

“Those we have managed to release so far, over 210, have cost us fortune. But, we would rather spend money, saving our people, than to allow them to die in the hands of these vandals, vagabonds in the Sahel.

“There is no Ohaneze anywhere, there is no political leader to speak against these (inhumane) crimes. The US ambassador is in Nigeria; Amnesty is somewhere in Abuja. The UK High Commissioner is there. The Canadian High Commissioner is there. The EU representative is in Nigeria. The United Nations representative is also in Nigeria.

“The governors we have in the East are complicit in the illegal abduction of their own people; above all, the rape of our women,” he said.

Ozoemela Chikwas repoting, Obinwannem News

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