It’s time to liberate Yorubaland, Affenifere tells Alaafin of Oyo

Obinwannem News It's time to liberate Yorubaland, Affenifere tells Alaafin of Oyo

Chief Ayo Adebanjo the chieftain of the pan Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, has raised an alarm alleging that “Yorubaland is in danger”.

Speaking to Newsmen in Ibadan at a book presentation and platinum recognition marking the 70th anniversary of Nigerian Tribune Newspapers, held at International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan,
Adebanjo made claims of how the Yoruba people have become endangered species.

According to Adebanjo, President Muhammadu Buhari “is not ruling the country, he wants to dominate us”, hence the need for the Alaafin of Oyo to take the lead in liberating Yorubaland.

Adebanjo maintained that “The new task for you now is not just to tell us what Awolowo said, it is not just to tell us what Awolowo had done, you are in the forefront now to carry it out. Yorubaland is in danger.

“Please, gather your Obas and be the champion for leading this country. We have been submerged. And only a few of our governors are responsible for us.

“They have shut down. They cannot face the head of state because of their shortcomings.

“Kabiyesi, I am openly appealing to you to lead the crusade for the liberation of Yorubaland. Now, we are already subjugated. We are already surrounded by enemies who are appearing to be friends and our representatives in government collaborate for our subjugation. Don’t let us mince any word at all. Now, we have to get ourselves out of the bandage.

“Buhari is not ruling the country. He wants to dominate us. I don’t mince words about it. There is tyranny in the country. There is anarchy. When the Head of State said there is no respect for the rule of law, where are the lawyers?

“The moment there is no respect for the rule of law, there is no government again, there is anarchy”.

Adebanjo pointed out that “the lawyers and judges were sitting down at the conference, where he said that and there was no reaction. Judges are being hounded all over the country. Court orders are not being obeyed with impunity.

“Kabiyesi, it is no longer the question of telling us what is to be done, it is a question of leading the crusade that we are no longer going to subject ourselves to this bondage. Positive action now.

“Let our Kabiyesi, the Alaafin of Oyo, call the other Obas and we citizens, the politicians you think are representing you are not representing us. They are protecting themselves.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting Obinwannem News

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