Isreal – Palestine violence escalates, several Hamas Commanders Killed amid rocket attacks

Obinwannem News Isreal - Palestine violence escalates, several Hamas Commanders Killed amid rocket attacks

Tension continue to erupts over the holy city, Jerusalem, on Wednesday as Isreal assisinated Hamas Commanders and the military responded with a new barrage of rockets aimed at cities across Southern Isreal.

The exchange of rocket followed dozens of Isreal airstrikes on the Gaza strip overnight and several night time waves of rockets at Tel Aviv Ashkelon, and Israel’s main international Airport. Gaza is controlled by Hamas the smallest militant group.

The dispute between Isreal Palestine is dated back to the formation of Israel in 1948, in the attempt to limit gathering of AL – Aqsa, which was motivated by the Palestine, Isreal resisted this contention, and displaced most of the Palestine from land in East Jerusalem, over long standing discrimination.

Subsequently, efforts by the international communities to resolve the crises between the two countries, has failed woefully, even as the International community mounted pressure on Isreal to compromise or grant any concession to Arab under occupation.

The hostilities united Palestinians in anger across displaced Arab populated in Isreal. The violence was fueled by a Police raid in an Islamic religious site in Jerusalem on Monday. By Tuesday the conflict had broadened, with civilians on both sides paying a price. The speed of escalation appeared to take Isrealis by surprise.

Isreal Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Isreal was fighting on several fronts one of them its own cities and was responding with increasing force.

The wave of the unrest and riot has spread across Arab populated towns in Isreal and parts of the occupied West Bank. Two days of Isreali strikes on Gaza, at least 52 Palestinians were killed, including 14 children and wounded more than 300 people in Gaza by Wednesday afternoon, according to Palestinians health officials

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad have paid, and will pay, a very heavy price for their aggression,”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an address to Isrealis late Tuesday,” This campaign will take time”, he said.

Compounding the sense of crisis inside Isreal, protests and riots resumed on Tuesday night in mixed Jewish Arab towns and Arab population centres across the country as Palestinian citizens of Isreal expressed solidarity with Gaza and frustration over discrimination against Arab within Israel

Palestinian citizens of Isreal rioted in the mixed city of led, setting fire to a synagogue and dozens of cars. A popular Jewish owned fish restaurant went up in flames in the city of Acre, and television images showed a Jewish mob stoning Arab vehicles in the city of Ranla.

The International Criminal Court, Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, had said that her office will continue to monitor, the Isreal Palestinian violence for possible war crimes, she however called for a possible stop in the lingering violence.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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