Israel: Iron Dome intercepts Hamas airstrikes to ‘save lives’

Obinwannem News Israel: Iron Dome intercepts Hamas airstrikes to 'save lives'

Prevailing tension has continued to escalate between Israel and the Palestinians. Isreal Iron Dome has been 90 percent efficient in combating airstrikes fired into Isreal, defending its citizen and saving many lives.

This information was disclosed by the military spokesman Lt. Jonathan Concrius in a live update on Facebook.

According to Concirus, the Iron Dome as been a source of defence, protecting the citizens of Israel from thousand airstrikes fired into Israel from Gaza. He commended the system, and the bravery displayed by the military operatives for averting the danger of losing so many lives.

He said, “This is another Iron Dome battery, one of many that are deployed all over Isreal, defending Isreal, civilians, let me give a few start, we have intercepted more tnan a thousand rocket fired from Gaza into Isreal, we are talking of more than 3000 rocket that have being fired already, and the interception rate of this amazing system, that has been saving Isrealis lives by the dozen is more than 90 percent. I will like you to take a moment and think, what would be the consequences of not having the Iron dome, think about the number of civilian that would be killed, think about the carnage and damage inside Israel, if it had not been the Iron dome and its amazing capability to save.”.

One of the Israel naval operatives, Cpl Ayala, while responding to question on how it feels to be one of the special force manning the Iron dome, says its a crazy feeling, ” I am saving lives of civilian in Isreal, and that is important to me,” she said.

However, she said the situation would be calm, in as much as people are saved, she also said that so far, she has been able to intercept 69th rocket fired into Isreal, “we change rockets, we have already practice everything”.

Isreal’s Iron dome is an aerial defence system, the country uses to intercept incoming short range rockets. The system has been in place for about a decade. It was developed with heavy financial and technical backing from the United States. According to the Israeli officials, the Iron dome has about 90 percent effective at blocking the short range rockets, commonly used by Hamas and other groups in the region.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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