IPOB leader orders withdrawal of police, military checkpoints, gives 40-days ultimatum

Obinwannem News IPOB leader orders withdrawal of police, military checkpoints, gives 40-days ultimatum

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has ordered the immediate removal of all police, and military check points in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

In a Radio broadcast Thursday evening, the Biafran leader slammed the Nigerian military for “abducting people of the East, and transporting them to the North” to be used as “sex slaves to the Fulani soldiers”. Angered by the situation Kanu explained the police, and military men patrol villages and towns of Biafraland, in contempt of Human Rights. recounting various abuse of rights that’s has gone on in recent times in the five Eastern state of Nigeria.

The IPOB leader, enraged by the crackdown, repressive actions, and continuous inhumane treatments by Nigerian security forces, issued a 40-days ultimatum for every military, and police check points to be removed.

“This evening I am asking the Nigerian police, army to stop every patrol in Biafraland, because they use their patrol vehicles to arrest, abduct people, and take them to the North. If we did not discover the presence of Biafrans in the detention facilities on time, they would have killed them and haversted their organs, and sent them to India. That is what they have doing.”

“Therefore, I am saying from now onwards, every police vehicle, every patrol team, every checkpoints we see on the roads should not be allowed to operate in Biafraland anymore. And from today onwards, I’m giving them (army and police) 40 days notice – I know why I chose 40 days – that there will no longer be any checkpoint in Biafraland. If we see any check point we destroy it.”

Kanu further alleged that the army, and police checkpoints are a medium of kidnap, and a way of committing other atrocious crimes against humanity.

“When the (security forces) see people’s families traveling, they stop them; separate a man from his wife, take the man into the bush, and kill him, sending the wife as sex slave to the North. That’s what they are doing at these checkpoints.

“All those patrols you are making we don’t want to see them anymore. You are free to patrol in the cities at least people ask questions when someone is being arrested in the city, but there will no longer be patrol teams in the our villages.”

He urged everyone to be vigilant and and try as much as possible to know the reason for every arrest they see being carried out by the police, or the army.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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