Incredible mysteries of a child’s natal day in Igbo land

Obinwannem News Incredible mysteries of a child's natal day in Igbo land

Naturally, everybody was born under the influence of the four market days( Orie, Afo, Nkwo, Eke) that govern the Igbo people. A child’s day of birth determines the spirit he/she is born with which influences his/ her life.

A traditionalist known as Okwu Lolo revealed the mysteries about the natal days of individuals, thus:


People born on Orie (Mmiri) days, always attract so much love from people because everyone loves water and as well, water is essential for life and that is why all the manmade are watering spirits. People born in Orie days are always shy but they show much love to every other person around them. They are also known as peacemakers.


People born on Afo (Ala) days, do not talk anyhow but their actions speak louder than voices. They do whatever they want and are also know as secrete achievers. They also last so long on earth.


People born on Nkwo (Ikuku ) days, are always friendly to people. They can give advice to other people but they hardly make a decision of their own and stand on it. This is because their mindsets are always like the wind which shakes all the time.


People born on Eke (Oku) days, reacts anyhow and are also temperamental because they behave like fire. They get angry so quickly and becomes merciful in the next minute because fire is a protective element. Therefore, if they can control their temperaments towards a situation then, they can achieve what they want in life.

Therefore, it is very important for parents to trace the days that their children were born as it will help the parent to direct their children rightfully to be successful in life because the spirit a child is born with may influence the child negatively or positively.

Nwachineke, Onyeke Chekwube Obinwannem Enugu writer/ September 9, 2021.