Implementation of judicial impartiality will secure public trust in Biafra Judicial process ‐ Justice Ozoani

Obinwannem News Implementation of judicial impartiality will secure public trust in Biafra Judicial process ‐ Justice Ozoani

Chief Judge of Enugu West, Justice Godwin Ozoani, a member of the judicial council has said that public trust in the Biafra judicial process could only be achieved through due process of judicial impartiality.

This was made known in an interactive session with a Biafran reporter, comrade Ijeomah Anthony on September 21, after the judicial council meetings were concluded.

The chief justice Ozoani said that implementation of judicial impartiality will secure publuc trust in Biafra judicial process. Especially on how judges would have an impacr on individual rights everyday, even for people who may never enter a courtroom.

The Enugu west state chief judge threw more lights especially the knowledge and experience so far since his appointment and inauguration as chief judge of Enugu west including training/lectures from Biafra judicial council saying:

Judge Ozoani said that they have been trained about how judges apply the law in an even-handed manner. Judges touch on the impact of an impartial judiciary on daily life, how the Constitution safeguards judicial impartiality, and how judges maintain their impartiality in the cases and controversies that come before them because:

“Democratic societies recognise conflict and the legitimacy of dispute. This is inherent in pluralism and diversity – values we cherish. In order to manage people’s differences successfully, and to allow individuals to live alongside each other, under majority government, democracies grant their citizens certain rights and freedoms:

“Freedom of expression; the right to privacy and family life; the freedoms of the individual vis-à-vis the state; the protection of the weak and vulnerable against the interests of the rich and powerful, and so on.

“Complex rules govern these norms and relations. And when disputes arise, as they inevitably do, judges have the extremely important task of ensuring that they are resolved in accordance with the law.

He emphasized that the independence and impartiality of judges is therefore the primary guarantee, for the members of Biafran society, that they will be treated fairly and equally before the law.

“Because if a democratic society cannot manage conflict in this just, lawful and civilised manner, it will lose the very legitimacy it needs to survive. And if people lose faith in the ability of their courts to perform this function, social stability cannot be guaranteed. That’s what our judicial council is fighting for, justice Godwin alias Igwe said.

“Continuing, in recent years, we have seen trust in institutions plummet: Anger at the banks and financial regulators. Frustration with the political class, parts of the media and international institutions. Outrage at greed and lies exposed in the world of sport.

“But when people see self-interest, political agenda and corruption affecting their courts –then we are really in trouble. Because then comes the abuse of power, the breakdown of the rule of law, widespread disillusionment…and unrest is never far away.

“Every day that you walk out of your house and walk down the street, you are exercising your rights under the Constitution,” said Justice Godwin Ozoani. “Who protects you when the government interferes with those rights that are stated in the constitution? The Judiciary does.”

A Fair and Impartial Judiciary discussing their commitment to impartiality, the Constitution, and the rule of law always bring us here because we are not beholden to any one group,” said Justice Ozoani. “We are not subject to outside pressures … to politics in particular, so that we can make the law and the legal system more accessible for disadvantaged communities.”

So my people, judicial independence and impartiality are the cornerstone of any robust system of checks and balances – and for that reason I am greatly encouraged to be attending Biafra judicial council meeting.

Nwachineke Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News / September 26, 2021

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