Igbo Late Marriage: Why Igbo Men Marries Late – Ozulumba Reacts

Obinwannem News Igbo Late Marriage: Why Igbo Men Marries Late - Ozulumba Reacts

Following the trending post on why Igbo men marry late, Mazi Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu, an Imo-lite born has reacted by emphasizing on why Igbo men make a family at an older age than other tribes.

The post states,

“Hausa man 35 first son 20
Yoruba man 35 first son 15
Igbo man 40 or 50 first son 1 year or 2 months, Igbo why?”

In reaction, Ozulumba explains the following “First, the other two races (Hausa and Yoruba) don’t suffer what we (the Igbos) suffer in Nigeria. Life is too harsh and too difficult for an average Igbo man because they are being marginalized.

Since there are no jobs for our youths out there, how then do you expect them to start new homes when there is no money to take care of them? We the Igbos, unlike the other races, have a human conscience and we wouldn’t want our family to suffer in hunger just because we want to fulfil all righteousness in the world. What’s the point of starting a family when there is no money to take care of your wife and unborn children”.

“Secondly, The other races (Hausas and Yoruba) don’t pay a huge amount of “Bride Price” and again they don’t do a white wedding as we do in our place.

We all know how much bride price costs in Igbo land today? And after that, the white wedding still awaits you. And the payment for that one too is as high as a mountain, that sometimes, it takes some young men up to 40 yrs to acquire the money”.

“Lastly, to add fuel to the already burning furnace, Jubril-Buhari and his fellow Cabals in Aso Rock are now planning to impose an extra tax for the white wedding marriage certificate in our churches – this policy is to be effective soon”.

“So now, do we blame a 40 yrs Black Igbo brother who still suffers to make a living that he avoids other necessary things of life, such as marriage? We should instead understand his plight and support him in the way we can”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting Obinwannem News

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