I am from Biafra and why a lot of people are not happy with who I am? – Maryam Shehu

Obinwannem News I am from Biafra and why a lot of people are not happy with who I am? - Maryam Shehu

Because I am agitating for Biafra restoration my motherland made some selfishness people around me hate me I want to let them know that I don’t care for them as far they don’t care for my feeling from my beloved people.

I have to support my people, my motherland because they are the people who will stand for me when I am on needs and when I am sick they are the people will be there for me.

We Biafrans need to understand that we don’t have a future in other people’s land without our land been in peace and coordinated. We can have it all but without home your know body. Why some foreign people disrespect us in their land is because we left our land with foreigners to take over with their beliefs.

Let’s go back and rebuild our motherland and start living like humans again before it’s late.

We have tried our best to accommodate Nigerians in our land like a family but they refuse so we need to chest them away and continue living as we use to in the olden days which we love and understand each other like ever without problems as we are into today. God bless Biafra my motherland.

Vladimir Chimoabi reporting, Obinwannem News 

  • Hello Biafrans, Our goal with leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, 2020, a date for Referendum and Restoration of Nation of Biafra, with support financial assistance of United States of America, European Union parliament, Germany Nation, Russian federation, lsareal Nation, United Nations, l hereby recommend Mrs Mayam as one of our ambassador, may God Nation of Biafra, Obinwnnemn, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, United States of America.

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