Health: Cancerous Foods You Need To Stop Eating

Obinwannem News Health: Cancerous Foods You Need To Stop Eating

Cancer is regarded as a deadly disease which is very difficult to cure when it comes. No one would like to experience such a deadly disease and that is why we need to take a good look at some of the cancerous foods in order to stop or reduce the the rate of consumption.

In the old days, no one was concerned with food that causes cancer. People ate more pure and healthy foods because that was what was available to them at that era or time.

Then research on foods where very young at that time, but now technology is more advance and there is a lot of processed and canned food in the market right now. Nowadays it’s hard to determine what to stay away from, cause doctors link everything to causing cancer.
Below are some of the foods which you need to stop eating right now that causes cancer:

1, Highly processed white flours

Highly processed white flour, according to studies may cause cancer, and it is also said to cause insulin and blood sugar levels to spike quickly. Refining grains eliminates all its nutrients, and it also gives it a high glycemic index. 

2, Farmed salmon

Farmed salmon which is fed an unnatural diet, causes cancer, especially in adults above 60 years. Farmed salmon can be infected with antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and other known carcinogens. When you consume a lot of farmed salmon you are liable to have cancer. 

3, Red meat

Red meat is probably carcinogenic to humans, and the strongest link between cancer and eating red meat is colorectal cancer. Red meat can also cause pancreatic and prostate cancer. Studies have shown us that to reduce your risk of cancer, you should eat no more than 65-100g of the cooked red week. 

4, Non-diet soda and sugary drinks

It is very important and necessary to maintain a healthy weight, obesity is a major risk factor for several cancers. Maintaining a healthy weight can be achieved through a balanced diet that incorporates all food groups. Sugary drinks can lead to weight gain if consumed regularly.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer / November 20, 2021

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