Mbazulike alleges plans to decimate Ndi-Igbo

Obinwannem News Mbazulike alleges plans to decimate Ndi-Igbo

Igbo stakeholder and First Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, on Monday, warned Ndi-Igbo to be more vigilant, stressing that there was a ploy to erase Ndi-Igbo out of Nigeria.

This was after a group in diaspora known as Igbo World Assembly, IWC, had condemned the federal government for tagging the Indegienous People of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist organization.

Chief Amaechi reacting to the recent killingsof IPOB led Eastern Security Network (ESN) commander in Mgbidi, Imo state, and subsequent burning of parts of Imo state governor’s home in Omuma, Oru Local government area of the State.

Chief Amaechi, alleged that the security agents could have a hand, using Hitler’s style of instigating killings and burning only to blame the jews, like what is happening in the South East now.

He, however, noted that IPOB might not have a hand in all the attacks and lawlessness going on in the South East, because they do not lack the courage to own up to what they did.

Chief Amaechi said the happenings in Nigeria was” a pathological hatred for Ndigbo,” and the problem of Nigeria is the inability to say the truth when it matters most.

He said Benue State and South East are now mapped out for conquering.

“However, the whole thing is sort of backfiring against them with what is happening in the North. But it is part of the programme, not allowing Christian schools particularly schools where they teach western education to function, not allowing secondary schools to function.

“The Almajirai has been excluded from the communities by the perpetrators of this insecurity and have been training them with the use of weapons in the forest and they have released them to go out, arming them with weapons.”

He urged Ndi-Igbo to be careful, as he opined that IPOB was not responsible for the attacks in the Southeast. They are all political blackmail.

Additionally, he cautioned IPOB to defend themselves, in any case of insecurity threat.

He also added that the police involvement in the recent attacks, was to cause a state of emergency in Igbo land.

Chief Amaechi noted, “About the South East governors, they will always accuse IPOB but don’t forget that these governors you have is just like handing somebody the second keys of one wing of the Central Bank, and nobody wants to loose that key. They will not like to offend the person who handed the key to them.”

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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