Haiti president decries attempted coup as confusion boils over ‘term of office’

Obinwannem News Haiti president decries attempted coup as confusion boils over 'term of office'

Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise announced on Sunday that his security officials foiled an attempt to overthrow his seat of power.

Several arrests have been made, in relation to the alleged coup. Amongst the people arrested are the Supreme Court judge and top police officers.

The country’s national police director Leon Charles said officers had seized cash and illegal weapons including uzi submachine guns and assault rifles.

The said coup endued after a call to replace the president Moise with one of the supreme Court judges. The opposition accused Moise of lacking good economic knowledge; in addition to being a tyrant. Earlier in the day anti government protesters clashed with the police at port_Au_prince.

According to the Haitian constitution, presidential term lasts for only five years. Moise won the 2015 election, but was annulled in 2016, on the bases of fraud.

Subsequently, another election was held; Moise won again, and was sworn-in on February 7 2017.

Opposition leaders and rights groups said President Jovenel Moise’s tenure began in February 2016, and ended on Sunday February 7, 2021. But, Moise has maintained that his mandate expires in February 2022 – an interpretation of the constitution that has been rejected by the opposition.

Ifesinachi Nnabugwu reporting, Obinwannem News

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