“Gunmen Shot My Father When He Tried Fleeing Monarchs’ meeting Through Fence” -Imo prince Narrates

Obinwannem News "Gunmen Shot My Father When He Tried Fleeing Monarchs’ meeting Through Fence" -Imo prince Narrates

The son of a deceased monarch, HRH Eze Sampson Osunwa, has narrated how his father got murdered by armed men who stormed the meeting venue of monarchs in Njaba, Imo State.

During an interview, Tochukwu Osunwa, claimed that some of his father’s relatives are pressuring his mother for his father’s properties.

You may have heard of the killing of some traditional rulers by unknown armed men in Imo state. According to Prince Tochukwu, he is the only son and first child of the 67-year-old victim.

Tochukwu stated that the attack took place after the meeting had already ended. He revealed that his now-deceased father was the secretary of the traditional rulers, and the Monarch stayed back to pen down minutes of the meeting.

Narrating how his father got murdered, Tochukwu said, “My father was writing the minutes, alongside another traditional ruler, HRH B.E. Duruburuo, when some masked armed men came in and shot Duruburuo in the head.

Both men were having a conversation when this happened. The gunmen raided the place and pointed guns at the traditional rulers, and they shot at some.

According to reports, my dad has made to escape from the scene through the back door. He had already left unnoticed, or so he thought. He attempted to scale over the fence when he got sighted by one of the gunmen. So, they pursued after him and shot him in the back, and he collapsed, and much later, gave up the ghost.

I also heard that they shot at other traditional rulers.” Tochukwu revealed that he found out about his father’s demise through a friend before seeing his father’s lifeless body in a video.

Speaking about the events that have unfolded after his father’s death, Tochukwu said, “my father’s siblings are asking me questions about his houses and all other properties which my mom had possession. They could harass my mother and get these things from her by force because I am not there.

That is the issue with my culture. Once someone dies, people just come from left and right and begin to scramble for a property they did not know how the deceased managed to garner. But they know my father has an educated son.”

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer/ October 30, 2021

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