Gowon replies British MP, denies looting half of Nigeria’s central bank

Obinwannem News Gowon replies British MP, denies looting half of Nigeria's central bank

Former military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu ‘Jack’ Gowon has taken a swipe at the British Member of Parliament, Tom Tugendhat, who accused him of stealing half of Nigeria’s treasury.

Tugendhat revealed during the debate on a petition bothering the EndSARS protest, that amongst corrupt Nigerian (leaders) citizens, was General Gowon who plundered the country’s financial sector.

“We need to call out the corruption, we need to use the powers that we have in this country to stop those profiting from the wealth of that great nation and hiding it here.

“Some people will remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half the Central Bank and moved to London,” Tugendhat said.

Reacting, the former Head of State termed the statement an accusation, describing it a “mere ridicule”.

He said, “I don’t know where he got that rubbish from, I served Nigeria diligently and my records are there for all to see.

“What the MP said was just mere ridicule and I don’t know as to where he cooked up such statement. I served Nigeria as much as I could and my achievements during those years are available to everyone.

“I don’t want to talk over the matter since those who know me very well say that the MP’s statement is nothing but a mere fallacy”.

Joining issues, the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode stated that despite Gowon’s role in the mass murder and genocide of about three million Biafrans during the civil war, he [Gowon] did not loot Nigeria’s treasury as claimed by MP Tom Tugendhat.

Kayode said; “Whatever you may say or feel about General Yakubu Gowon it is NOT true that he took half of Central Bank with him when he went on exile to the UK & studied at Warwick University after being removed in a coup by General Murtala Mohammed.

“I have my views about Gowon and what I consider to be his role in the mass murder and genocide of 3 million Igbos during the civil war and I have often expressed those views but he was NOT a thief and neither did he amass wealth for himself when he was Head of State.

“As a matter of fact he was the darling of the British Government and no Nigerian leader, living or dead, has been as close to successive British Governments as him.

“This very young British MP is trying to revise history and demonise a man who served and protected British interests in Nigeria when he was in power more than any other, and this is most dishonourable and unfair.

In defense, Kayode further noted that (truthfully) “even though they pretend and sweep it under the carpet, there are as many corrupt British leaders, government officials and public servants today as there are Nigerian and this has always been the case.”

Ozoemela Chikwas reporting, Obinwannem News

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