Gov. Soludo has reacted to Fr. Ebube Muonso’s alleged FULANI HERDSMEN vision/prophecy in Awka

Obinwannem News Gov. Soludo has reacted to Fr. Ebube Muonso's alleged FULANI HERDSMEN vision/prophecy in Awka

Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has used tribal marks to answer to Fr. Ebube Muonso’s so-called vision/prophecy about FULANI HERDSMEN.

“Good evening, Dad!” I just called your two lines after hearing your so-called “prophetic” outbursts about “Fulani herdsmen” with tribal marks attacking government house Awka and leaving me in a pool of blood, as well as noisily moaning about garbage disposal. You both asked me to pray and requested your church to pray for me.

1) I was raised as an orthodox Catholic not to argue with any man of God. I’ve been in the public eye for two decades, and I value citizen feedback and criticism, including from men of God. I appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and even criticisms. Such things assist us in improving— after all, we aren’t perfect!

This is the first time I’ve ever responded to anything said by a man of God. And I do so with the utmost deference and sincerity. As a priest, you certainly have monopoly authority over the pulpit, but I also believe that such a monopoly requires you to use caution and maturity in how you utilize that power.

2) I am writing you in the exercise of my duty (as a member of your Laity) to also counsel you but not publicly, as you decided to do.

3) You have every right to say that you “seen” something and to ask for prayers based on your prophecy. I require all of the world’s prayers, and I am confident that thousands of individuals of good will are praying for us and Anambra. I am confident that the God I serve, who has sent me on this mission, will guide us to a successful conclusion for His glory! My life is in His hands, and He knows how many days or years He has left for me. No one has any say in God’s plan for my life.

I’m not convinced by these political or ghost “prophecies” intended to entice the audience. That is not my Catholic upbringing or faith. You know my contact information, and presuming that anything was “given” to you as a threat to my life, do you really believe that preaching about it is the best method to express it??? By the way,

God didn’t “reveal” to you last year’s attack on me at a rally by unknown gunmen, which killed three police officers; nor has He “shown” to you any of the dozens of attacks on innocent people this year so that people should be vigilant or pray?? Surprisingly, these “pulpit predictions” are always about high-ranking government leaders.

I’ve made it this far in life without requiring or relying on “prophecies,” and it’s too late to change now. “Let your will be done,” I simply pray. So, if you get any more “revelations,” please pray about them or keep them to yourself— I don’t want to know because the God in heaven whom I serve is in complete control of my life!

4) Your remarks regarding trash in the streets are appreciated, and we share your sadness. That is why, since taking office, we have been cleaning the streets and, for the first time in the state, implementing a medium-term sustainable strategy. However, we believe your comments were made in poor faith because you failed to accept that we faced a considerably harsher circumstance and that many people acknowledge the ongoing efforts.

Photos of me on top of the waste dump that closed Ochanga and as high as the traffic signal decorated social media, and I personally flagged off the cleansing of Onitsha and Okpoko… Before I took office, most places had not been cleaned in over 6 months. Of course, without equipment or a strategy in place, we’ve taken a “emergency reaction” approach while we sort out the details of a long-term strategy… Surprisingly, you didn’t voice your dissatisfaction from the pulpit at the time!

5) Your remarks on insecurity are reasonable, but they neglect to recognize the enormous efforts being made to tackle the beast, which many Ndi Anambra are doing. Last year, no candidate was able to campaign freely in the entire south senatorial zone since the area had been taken over by mysterious gunmen. Your voice was not heard. I was on the verge of becoming a victim. Your voice was not heard. I devoted many paragraphs to the subject in my inaugural address.

And Ndi Anambra from all over the world are calling in solidarity and offering support. I wish God will also “reveal” to you the identity of the criminals so that we take them out. I know that you are a man of God and I deeply respect all of God’s anointed but making incendiary and wild claims about security under the cover of the pulpit should be moderated.

You “saw” Fulani herdsmen “with tribal marks” in your “revelations”—- Fulani with tribal marks??? Funny! They’re “unknown gunmen” one second, and then “Fulani with tribal marks” the next?

Father, I expect you to be a contributor to the solution rather than a contributor to the problem. We admire you, and the tens of thousands of people that follow you deserve leadership and guidance. Security issues should not be included in the drama! We anticipate you encouraging your supporters to report criminals and participate in the solution. Alternatively, if you are unaware of the entire scope of the security threat, call or seek a briefing. Society and the Church are both confronting existential threats, and now is not the time for security theatrics.

We are focused and motivated, and despite the enormous hurdles we have faced, Anambra will triumph! On this, I have God’s promise. Father, may you always be blessed. We adore you.

Credit to CC Soludo – This is Anambra

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