Gov Ikpeazu demands apology to Ndi-Igbo after 51 years of civil war

Obinwannem News Gov Ikpeazu demands apology to Ndi-Igbo after 51 years of civil war

• Nnamdi Kanu’s sayings are valid

Abia State governor Okezie Ikpeazu has demanded an apology to the Igbo ethnic nationality over the inhumane crimes, destruction of millions of lives and properties during the civil war.

This, he disclosed during a studio visit to Tos TV Network, a digital pan-African News Network in Abuja, stressing that “Ndigbo has been unfairly and unjustly marginalized”.

While he disagreed the strategies deployed by IPOB, he noted that insecurity could be prevented if intelligence gathering was more utilized.

He said, “Who is trying to tell us what happened during the civil war? Who did what, and why? Why can’t some people come and tell us, we are sorry, for what they did? You can’t sweep certain things under the carpet.

“The tension is palpable and this is the time for us to open up as those who love this country.

Governor Ikpeazu noted he understood the country well enough, since he studied in the North (Maidugiri) .

He further said,” The NYSC has collapsed, you are bottling up people and if you have too many people, and too many atoms in an enclosure and you apply pressure, you are creating a bomb.

“Some of the issue raised by Nnamdi were issues of injustice, marginalization, inequality,;whether it is gender, generational, whatever. Any particular arm of the society excluded in any way has a right to feel cheated or unwanted

“So some of those things Nnamdi says are valid. Some of us can see it. We cannot continue to runaway from the facts. But, some of us do not agree with his style, because I don’t understand where he is going; when he intends to pull the brakes, and when it is going to stop.

“If I have a way to convey, my views to the leadership of the group, what I will say, is they should find a way to enter into conversation and let the people know.

“I don’t understand their strategy and purpose. I don’t understand why they are attacking institutions of civil rule. A lot of people who are apologetic to some of these strategies don’t even know they are riding the tigers tail.

“If the police and millitary withdraw and then brigands become enforcers of the law and order, if you have a quarrel with your brother, how do you resolve it.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News