Ghana decides: Free SHS is not enough qualification for Akufo-Addo second term win.

There was mixed public reaction to Joy News’ latest series, ‘Dear Nana Addo’, a documentary that measures the president’s campaign promises against citizen’s evaluation of its achievement.

Majority of the callers on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Wednesday, said they were satisfied with the progressive implementation of government’s Free SHS policy.

However, they held that the government must do more than that to win the upcoming election due in 2020.

Gauge the sentiments as summarised below.

Name not given I think free education has worked for him (President) very well.

I completed Junior High School in 2006. I am now 33years; I am a victim of not going to SHS. Had this policy been implemented earlier I would have had SHS education. Free SHS is good.

Kofi Badwenba from Kumasi

If I meet the president I will tell him free education is good but I will vote based on Kumasi roads. Every road in Kumasi is dilapidated. President, we need development in Kumasi, we pay taxes.

Papa Ansah from Teshie

What I will tell the President is that free SHS is good but that will not make me vote the second time. Shops are closed down and because of that people are not working. What do you want people to do? There is a drainage that has not been attended to. The government must attend to this urgently.

Evans from Accra

We need to be wary of how we complain about government policies. Something must be given for something. Getting people educated is better than resources on the ground. The impact of Free Education is long term. When we compare ourselves to other countries the difference is literacy.

Aside from checking wastage on the Free SHS, I am wholly for its implementation.

Oladipo from Koforidua

Free SHS is good. My daughter is enjoying it but what are the other things that will make me vote? Security is bad in Koforidua and the roads [are] so bad. We need security. The government should also work on the exchange rate.

Joe Nyanson from Accra

I support free SHS but the government should focus also on employment. If all efforts are on education and people are not employed what do you expect? The government must focus on railways. It can employ so many people.

Paul from Haatso

The moment we use the election as a basis to do projects then it is opportunistic. It means governments will do projects that may affect us in the long run once it will get them votes. We must develop the nation holistically.

We should look at the implementation of free SHS again. The affluent schools should not enjoy it. Let us note that nothing is free in thIs world.

If you are looking at only education and ignoring other areas, it will affect us

Thomas from Somanya.

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