Full Details: How A Nigerian Man Chose Suicide Instead Of Arrest

Obinwannem News Full Details: How A Nigerian Man Chose Suicide Instead Of Arrest

In what seems to be an accident, the 33 years old Ifeanyi Kaka had chosen to die untimely than being arrested by the UAE police nor deported back to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Obinwannemnews had earlier today reported that Ifeanyi had jumped down from the 8th floor from a building that has about 15 floors in an attempt to avert arrest by the police.

However, investigations have proven that Ifeanyi jumped down through the window of the 6th floor of Aldagaya building, in a town known to be Al Nahda Sharjah in the United Arabs Emirates.

Further information obtained by our newsmen from an eyewitness states that Ifeanyi was drunk including some other friends whom he shares his apartment with.

While they were under the heavy influence of intoxication, they started making unnecessary noise which was against the law of the country.

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The police arrived the place to arrest them, but Ifeanyi decided to jump from the window amidst pleads by the police officers.

“We all begged him, not to jump. Even the police tried to save him, but he refused and jumped” the eyewitness states.

Also, the eyewitness made it known that if Ifeanyi had surrendered to the police, he would be left with two options which includes to either spend two months in prison nor be deported back to Nigeria.

Furthermore, the rest of the friends of Ifeanyi have been arrested and might be unable to escape deportation all because of the cruel decision of Ifeanyi.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting Obinwannem News

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