Fulani Herdsmen Allegedly Shot and Killed Female Farmer in Uzo Uwani LG in Enugu State

Obinwannem News Fulani Herdsmen Allegedly Shot and Killed Female Farmer in Uzo Uwani LG in Enugu State

Despite the ban placed on open grazing by the Enugu State government, the Fulani herdsmen continue to move their cattle freely in search of grazing sites. 

Even though the anti-open grazing legislation has since been signed into law by the Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, yet the government is yet to show the political will required to enforce the law.

Recently, the remote community of Ugwujoro Nimbo in the Uzo-Uwani Local government area of Enugu State was thrown into mourning when suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked and killed a female farmer, Mrs Cordelia Utazi on her farm.

This report seeks to analyse how the attack happened and what government must do to stop it.
The victim was shot on her farm as she tried to escape from the armed herders

Mrs Utazi had gone to the farm with her daughter, Onyinye to weed. As they were weeding, her daughter looked up and saw the herdsmen approaching. Onyinye called her mother’s attention to the invaders before she ran away fast. But as her mother attempted to run the herders shot her dead.

 Why are the herdsmen still engaging in open grazing despite the ban?
This is a question that the Utazis may not be able to find answers to, but it should trouble the Enugu State Government until they can translate promises into action.

Governor Ugwuanyi should not wait until another farmer is killed before he takes action against the herdsmen.

And talking about taking action, Governor Ugwuanyi must not allow this particular incident to be treated like the ones before where the herdsmen are not arrested and brought to justice. He must ensure that the security agencies are on top of this case and that they pursue it until justice is done. 

If he doesn’t, then farmers in Enugu State will not feel safe to go to their farms. And this could worsen an already bad food security situation.

Activate EbubeAgu in Enugu State. There is an indication that the Nigerian police are not too willing to fully enforce the anti-open grazing law, because the Federal Government frowns at it.

If the Nigerian police will not agree to enforce the law, because they are under the control of the federal government, then the Governor should not hesitate to deploy EbubeAgu to flush out the herdsmen out of the state or make them obey the law. After all, the primary responsibility of the group is the protection of lives and properties in Igbo land.

Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube reporting, Obinwannem news writer / October 23, 2021

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