Feature article: Discovery of four million

Obinwannem News Feature article: Discovery of four million

A joint session of the House of Representatives Committee on Inland Waterways, Land Transport, Ports and Harbours, and Marine Safety and Education, and the Senate Committee on Marine Transport have reportedly uncovered ‘nonexistent’ projects worth N4 billion in the 2020 budget proposal it received.

The National Inland Waterways Agency (NIWA), said the amount was for the acquisition of vessels and barges as well as procurement of dredgers and other equipment.

In 2018, N2.2 billion was appropriated for the projects, and an additional N1 billion was appropriated in the 2019 appropriation, a national daily reported.

This discovery was made known during the budget defence session held for the Federal Ministry of Transportation and NIWA Monday.

According to a report, the said projects include the National Freight Office in Idi-Iroko, Ogun State, for which N40.5 million was appropriated in 2017; N166 million in 2018; and N99 million in 2019. About N400 million was proposed in the 2020 budget estimates of the Federal Ministry of Transportation’s budget line item ERGP27102753 for the same project.

Other projects are the procurement of dredgers and other related equipment/vessels, for which N1.5 billion was proposed in NIWA’s 2020 proposal.

Speaking with journalists after the session, Jarigbe Jarigbe, Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Waterways, called the discovery “infractions in the successive budgets”. He, therefore, hinted that a thorough investigation on the matter will follow.

Although money was appropriated for those projects in previous years, no evidence was tendered to show the money was released.

Since 2017, NIWA has never accessed 100% of its allocated funds.

Written By Adeluwoye Comfort Eniola Obinwannem News

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