Feature article: Child upbringing, are you laying your bed well

Obinwannem News Feature article: Child upbringing, are you laying your bed well.

Children are gifts from heaven, this is traced to our earthly mother Eve in the garden of Eden.

Who was cursed to suffer pains during delivery when the woman conceived the child will undergo a growing process till the 9th month and she gives birth to the child after laboring not everybody gives birth through the normal way of delivery some give birth through medical assistance I.e using equipment or through the operation.

Due to these, most parents seize the opportunity of childbirth to spoil their children and they damage their future by not beating them or sending them on an errand even the Bible says spear the rod and spoil the child.

The upbringing of a child is the beginning of a better future for the parent involved to take care of your children spiritually, physically, financially and mentally if possible as a parent try all your possible best to meet the needs of your child and vice Versa.

And if the reverse is the case, your children turn to be your enemies. And they began to forget their homes. First and foremost the word of God should be the priority in a home, teach your children how to work and act in the way of the lord. But don’t make it too stressing this 21st century. Children are exposed to different kinds of stuff things become easier and soft.

Some parents are to blame they exhibit bad behaviors in front of their children and nowadays children grab things very easily. Once a child is a year, a parent should watch his or her watch steps we should be the watchword of our sons and daughters. We should serve as a role model to them, lead them, guide them and also take them as our friends.

Education is key after acquiring knowledge in schools. We should educate them according to their age the do’s and don’t they need to know, if you have male and female children at a certain stage separates their rooms and help them grow maturely.

Written By Adeluwoye Comfort Eniola Obinwannem News

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