Excerpts from Wednesday (15/04/2020) live Broadcast by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Obinwannem News Excerpts from Wednesday (15/04/2020) live Broadcast by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Nigerian Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama whose father was a warrant Chief appointed by the British to oppress his people said in an interview that the viral videos of the Chinese abusing Africans in China are not real even after popular food chain McDonald’s publicly apologized for notice at one of the eateries in Guangzhou where blacks were refused entry and services.

Black people have stubbornly failed to yield to reason as is evident in Nigeria. We are still being humiliated not just by foreigners but by Africans in government

Your future and that of your children had been crushed down the drain by these criminals called political leaders in Aso Rock and your so-called governors.

Not even during Apartheid has the white people treated blacks the way African governments dehumanize their people. As the lockdown is going on everywhere even in Anambra, they are busy installing 5g network cables that weaken the immune system.

Obiano is laying the pipes for 5G and we have proof. If 5G is beneficial, you think they will bring it into BIAFRA land? Common 2nd Niger bridge, Enugu – Onitsha, Igweocha – Abia express roads and Enugu Airport has not been built; the Railway they construct all over the zoo, they refuse to bring it to BIAFRA land.

Now, do you think 5G is Good and they are in a rush to install it across our Land? China is not good for Africa but African leaders do not care, they have sold their conscience.

The Chinese chose Nigeria because they have wondered that if 200 million people can be deceived by photoshop, face mask and doctored videos to deceived them that Jubril is the late Buhari, it means they [Nigerians] are useless, that is why they have come to experiment their death vaccines on you.

There has to be a Nationwide revolution in Biafraland and Nigeria This revolution must be region by region, the West should organize themselves for it, the MiddleBelt should organize themselves for it, the East is organized already waiting for others to come on board.

How many people are they going to kill if we rise up at the same time to revolt against this oppressive and repressive rogue regime?

All of you listening to me this night, your lives are worthless before the political leaders in Aso Rock. As long as they are comfortable with their family, they will do anything they like with your lives. This gospel tonight is for everybody not just for Biafrans.

I advise the Yoruba to learn from the fall of Ilorin which is now a Yoruba land answerable to an Emir. The Yorubas are the problem and they collectively know it.

To the law-abiding Fulani, I’m not your enemy, IPOB is not your enemy. Our enemy is the cabal. Since January 2017 we have been entertained by British made Buhari, Jubril Al-Sudani and you didn’t rise up to say no, now they have given you their Chinese version of Buhari.

Chukwugozie Okeke reporting, Obinwannem News

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