Ex-Imo lawmakers support Uzodinma’s position to retrieve govt assets

Obinwannem News Ex-Imo lawmakers support Uzodinma's position to retrieve govt assets

Former Imo State lawmakers have promised to support retrieving government properties from past administration.

This was confirmed in a statement on Thursday at a news conference in Owerri, by Ike Ibe, who heads an association of former House of Assembly members in the State. He represented Obowo State constituency in the House of Assembly.

Mr Ibe said, “The era of unbridled and wanton dissipation of the commonwealth of Imo people should be consigned to the dustbin of history”.

While commending Uzodinma’s moves in recovering government assets, he stressed that the prosecution of those who illegally acquired Imo assets, would serve as a deterrent to peol who seek government positions.

“Government has assured the people that it will be clinical and holistic in its effort, and we stand by it as we will be watching with eagle eyes”.

Meanwhile, he noted that ex-lawmakers would support the government to provide democracy dividends to the people of Imo, stating that no one should be spared in the fight against corruption.

He urged Imo people to pledge their unflinching support to the government, and cautioned groups and persons bent on distracting the government from improving conditions of Imo people to retrace their steps.

He also wants the government to pay close attention to developing human capital, and provide adequate infrastructure.

“It should spare no effort in implementing policies and ensuring an enabling environment to attract both local and foreign investors which are the oils that propel the engine of economic development.”

He urged the government to make deliberate effort to ensure that all workers were promptly paid their wages, with it ‘shared prosperity’ mantra.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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