Evict Fulani herders from the forest and face ‘war,’ FUNAM spots fire

Obinwannem News Evict Fulani herders from the forest and face 'war,' FUNAM spots fire

The Fulani Nationalist Movement (FUNAM) has threatened to wrestle with any State that expels the Fulani herdsmen out of their forests.

Ondo State governor Rotimi Akeredolu had asked all Fulani herdsmen to vacate forest reserves within the state. He also issued a seven-day ultimatum to the herdsmen.

In a statement by Baadu Salisu Ahmadu, the West Africa Regional Coordinator of FUNAM on Thursday, the group stated that “no Fulani will move an inch either in Oyo, Ondo or any part of the Western part of Nigeria”.

FUNAM reacted that the forests are irreversible homes of the Fulani herders.

Salisu further questioned the rationale behind the orders given by Mr Rotimi Akeredolu and Sunday Igboho asking the Fulani herders to leave the forests, adding that the Police force, Nigeria Army or the National Assembly are yet to issue such orders.

Salisu said the group is not ready to succumb to any threat or intimidation, noting that the group operates under the ECOWAS protocols.

The statement reads, “Our attention has been drawn to a decree credited to one Rotimi Akeredolu asking Fulani people who have occupied some forests in Ondo State to quit.

“We are also aware of another incidence in Oyo State where an illeterate political thug gave quit notice to Fulani people to leave the territories which are now their irreversible homes.

“This is not only an irresponsible demand but a call to arms of the faithful who have been pursuing their legitimate business in these forests.

“We have given a counter order. No Fulani will move an inch either in Oyo, Ondo or any part of the Western part of Nigeria.

“On behalf of Fulani Nationalist Movement, (FUNAM) we hereby warn the governments Oyo and it’s agent, one Sunday Igboho and the Ondo State Govt to rescind their orders or face serious consequences.

“It is shocking that the said Igboho and Akeredolu who is a beneficiary of the system is giving a stupid order that he knows no one will respect. We didn’t get the forests through him and how does he expect Fulani to obey his empty order? If he had been shot during attack on him, will he be alive to give orders? Humans have a short memory.

“The Fulani people in these forests acquired these lands legitimately the Fulani also operates under the ECOWAS protocol on free movement of persons. The people giving the orders should know they do not have the capacity to enforce such orders.

“First they are not the Nigerian Police neither are they the Nigerian Army. The National Assembly has not given such not even the Houses of Assembly in the two states acquisce to such irresponsible demand.

“The Fulani will resist by all means necessary, including armed resistance any attempt to forcefully eject them from these Forests that in reality does not belong to these States alone. Some are Federal Reserve Forests.

“We want to ask Akeredolu whether those communities brought the lands from heaven.

“We warn that any one Fulani blood that is shed further in the South West will automatically lead to upheaval in the six states of Lagos,Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti and Ogun State.

“We the Fulani are on red alert and waiting for the call and will never succumb to any threat or intimidation by ethnic bigots. I Baadu Salisu Ahmadu, given my new responsibility, will with other faithful NEVER fail the Fulani Nation in it’s Allah chosen destiny.”

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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