“Every Igbo wants Biafra, native doctors are betraying the struggle” — Nwokedi Oliver

Obinwannem News "Every Igbo wants Biafra, native doctors are betraying the struggle" — Nwokedi Oliver

Chief Nwokedi Oliver Emeka, a freelance journalist, who arrived the Southeast, last month from abroad, alleges that native doctors in South East region, are sabotaging the Biafra struggle, reinstating that everyone in Biafra land, wants to be free from Nigeria slavery.

Nwokedi, disclosed this, through his official page in Facebook, on Saturday.

According to him, every Igbo native, wants Biafra to be restored, but the problem facing the Igbos, are people who call themselves native doctors, betraying the Biafra restoration with their wicked lifestyle.

“When you go to the villages, everybody including children, adults, and elders, but our problem is people who say they are into the tradition and customs,” Omenala”, who betrays their own people, kill the youth, all in the name of Omenala.

“I discovered so many things, since I came back from the village, I was betrayed by someone working with me on integration, we have of betrayal, ask all these rich men, what they do to get their money, they are betrayals, while our youth struggle, they kill them.

“I am going to expose this people called native doctors in Igbo land, tuet they are evil people. All these cabals, called local government chairman, and so forth, are the ones betraying, while the youth are struggling”, Nwokedi added.

Nwokedi, however, slams native doctors who do all sort of charms for Yoruba and Fulani, and unable to restore Biafra with their charms, adding that they are the cause of the problem Biafrans are facing including killings of Igbo youths.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News | May 30, 2021

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