EndSARS protesters embrace traffic wardens

Obinwannem News EndSARS protesters embrace traffic wardens

EndSARS protesters embrace traffic wardens

It was all love in Abuja as protesters celebrated a traffic warden known to locals for his warden for his kindness while discharging his duties.

The unidentified officer, like many other wardens, is part of the only unit in the police force with some street credibility left.

The protesters had approached the warden at his station of duty as they marched through the streets and offered him some refreshments, chanting songs praises to show appreciation for all men and women of the traffic ward unit, some went as far as spraying the officer with banknotes as is customary in Nigeria during celebrations.

The #EndSARS protests have taken Nigeria by storm as the youths continue to demand the disbandment of the Special police unit and prosecution of its officers responsible for crimes against the public.


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Mazi Chinedum Edeh reporting, Obinwannem News

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