Ekiti Rally: There’d be no elections in S’West come 2023, Sunday Igboho warns

Obinwannem News Ekiti Rally: There'd be no elections in S'West come 2023, Sunday Igboho warns

Popular activist Sunday Igboho led a myriad of Yoruba demonstrators in a rally, organized in Ekiti State. He said no election would be conducted in Nigeria’s Southwest come 2023.

Igboho noted that the Yoruba people were aware of the “Fulani feudal and political dominance in the country”.

The demonstrators turned out in their thousands to grace the rally. Igboho was said to have arrived the venue late, at about 5:30pm; but, he was well recieved by the crowds of supporters, who hailed him for his role to liberating the Yoruba race.

While addressing the ecstatic crowds, Igboho said Yoruba would never be slaves against any other race; adding that the only way to actualize this was by having an independent country, region, and freedom from

Igboho said, in his opening address: “Today, we are here to sensitize our people, that we can no longer tolerate the sufferings being meted out on us by Fulani feudal lords . We are no longer slaves under them.

According to him,”the South is well endowed with oil and other natural resources, but the Fulanis are enjoying from the proceeds; while graduates from the South, are okada riders. He, however, added that the resources that belonged to Nigeria as a whole, has been shared by the Fulani as they hold key positions in the country.

“They said, they gave us the vice president, who were a mere spare tyre.”

Speaking about the upcoming presidential elections, he said; let me say this emphatically, we won’t vote in the Southwest in 2023, we need a government of our own. The fulanis are kidnapping us, and collecting ransome, killing and raping us and our leaders are watching, because of politics. These won’t be tolerated.

“The next line of action, now is that, we are entering the Bush to chase away, these Fulani herders. We don’t want them on our land again. We will pursue them, just like, I have been saying,” Igboho stated.

In another statement signed by Media Communications Secretary, llana Omo Odua, Maxwell Adeleye, Igboho noted, that there was nothing to restructure anymore in Nigeria; (that) the ongoing review of the 1999 constitution, was an academic exercise, and a “complete waste of time”.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting Obinwannem News | June 6, 2021

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