DEATH: “an avenue for nature balance”

Obinwannem News DEATH: "an avenue for nature balance"

DEATH: “an avenue for nature balance”

Death they say is inevitable, every human is aware of that.
Whether we like it or not, we all are going to bow to death someday.

We all know that to live mean going through some risky processes while to die is so damn easy. It is obvious that humans don’t want to die at all but to live forever if possible.

Sorry fellas, there is no such mantra that says “Vivir para Siempre”. Hypothetically, if humans could live forever, where would they all be? Truthfully, our planet wouldn’t contain the crazy population of our species. Why do we think natural disasters do occur such as; avalanche, Tsunami, Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, flood, wildfire outbreaks and so on? Notably, in this process, human lives are lost horribly.

Sadly, when we lose someone so dear to our hearts, of course, it is an excruciating moment to bear because you have lost someone so precious. The agony sets in, tears flowing like a river, mournful words roll out the tongue, devastation takes control of the body and so on.

Now that is the feeling that someone you cherish so much, is long gone till eternity and no possibility of seeing that face anymore. Well, that is death for you by the way. Sometimes we ask God some commanding questions like; why him/her? Why now? Why not someone else? Why do you have to take him/her away from me now? Crazy questions? But our creator knows the best and why it happened.

Truth be told, if there is no mortality then there would have been no need for natality either. Don’t get it twisted; I believe that when a creature dies, it creates space for another creature to come into existence. Believe me, in as much as it is so heartbreaking to lose someone, it is worth it actually because, without others dying, there would have been no void for you to fill today. People move away to make way for others to coexist, which is the glaring totality about our existence.

We all know that death is a lot to take when it strikes within you, but as we languish in pain and sorrow, let’s not forget the fact that it is an obvious natural phenomenon within us.

Contrastingly when you take a look at plants. Considering the nature surrounding how they live and die one would say it is magical or would say is a trick. Now if they are not weeded off, how would the other plants grow too? Now the same goes for humans at least when you look at our life span on earth.

Observably, once we begin to age, our body system starts to depreciate, the skin getting wrinkled; the face will become strange and so on…..that should remind you that your retention period is drawing nearer. And once you attain a certain age too, one naturally expires (dies).

Conclusively, dying is just a transition to another realm away from this one (earth). That is, you have become nonexistent which paves way for another human to replace the space you have left. Veritably, this is just simply how nature balance is being restored. But remember that death is unavoidable, but not the end of the world as long as you are still living.

Mazi Gerald C. Raphael reporting, Obinwannem News

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