Corruption Index: Nigeria ranks second most corrupt in West Africa

Obinwannem News Corruption Index: Nigeria ranks second most corrupt in West Africa

Following the survey established by the Transparency Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Nigeria has been rated the second most corrupt West African country.

CPI is an annual survey report published by a Berlin- based Transparency international; which ranks country according to their perceived level of corruptness in the public sector.

Nigeria’s ratings on corruption has continued to drop in the last four years,according to the report released on Thursday. Nigeria is now ranked 149th out of 180 countries,this is the worst ranking recieved by the African largest country in recent times; considering the 2019 report, which ranked Nigeria 146th on the global corruption index.

The 149th position indicates that Nigeria is just above 31 countries out of 180 countries surveyed world wide; while Nigeria is ranked 25 out of 49 countries in the sub region. The survey percieves that out of 180 countries, Nigeria is the second most corrupt country in West Africa, having Guinea-Bissau as the only more corrupt than Nigeria.

From 2011, till date, Nigeria has scored relatively low; varying from 24 to 28 percent, and ranking from 136 to 149.

The year, 2016, was Nigeria’s relatively best year; scoring 28, and 138 out of the 176 surveyed that year. The most corrupt index year was 2013, ranking 144 out of 177 other countries.

“This year corruption percieves index (CPI) paints a grim picture of the state of corruption, worldwide, while most countries made little or no progress in tackling corruption in nearly a decade. More than two thirds of countries score below 50” the report reads.

“Our analysis shows corruption not only undermine the global health response to covid-19, but contribute to a continuing crisis of democracy,” it added.

Futhermore, it was said that civil society organization in Nigeria denied reports of hoarding covid-19 palliatives by States; hence called on anticorruption agency to investigate the allegation.

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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