Coincidental: Igbo people’s obligation has become greed or selfishness since the 20 pounds survival mission

Obinwannem News Coincidental: Igbo people’s obligation has become greed or selfishness since the 20 pounds survival mission

It’s Ironic; “Igbos Hates Themselves”

I’ve spent years analyzing, deliberating and conclusively defining the phrase “Igbos hates themselves”. In a diminutive way, we can come to terms that Igbos might hate themselves, however, there are still chances to prove that Igbos are the highest lover of themselves amongst other tribes in Nigeria. Therefore, the practical terms that Igbos hates themselves could just be Ironical.

I’ve had several discussions with people about their thoughts about this, (Igbos and none Igbos), every one of them seems to know that Igbos hates themselves, but ironically, they do not know the reasons why it’s so.

I came across a story narrating how an Igbo trader in Lagos refused to sell fifty naira worth goods to a fellow Igbo man because he had no change. According to the story, the Igbo trader refused to leave the little money to his Igbo buyer, instead, a Hausa man helped the Igbo buyer.

Later that day, the Igbo traders met themselves in a restaurant and where the trader footed all the bills of the same guy he couldn’t leave his little coins with during the business hour.

Also, the recent humanitarian services rendered by some prominent Igbos to the Ochanja inferno victims draws us closer to the truth that Igbos can’t love their own any less. Within one month after the sad event, most of the victims are gradually coming back to their normal financial rates. No matter how little, it was better than none. History will never forget such humanity as there’s no love greater than such.

Historical events have witnessed the great heart of an Igbo man towards another. After the Civil War of 1967-70, the Igbo man had to survive with just 20 pounds. You must believe me that it’s only 20 pounds that produced the Igbo billionaires and millionaires littered in the region today. The companies, industries, business empires in Igbo land today, are all products of 20 pounds.

In Nigeria, Igbo apprentice skills have done greater works in the eradication of poverty than any other scheme. The Igbo man takes an unknown person into his business, after some years, an apprentice becomes a boss.

The Igbo man might find it difficult to provide food for a fellow Igbo man but would prefer to show you ways of discovering the food by your self. He will preferably, teach you how to fish than giving you fish. When you can fish on your own, you will not go hungry anymore.

Everyone is a shop owner in an Igbo market, the identification of the shop owner is rear. An Igbo man will allow his brother to sell his goods to customers, and at the end doesn’t bother the profits he gains. This method has provided foods on the table of so many.

An Igbo man must have become greedy or selfish after the 20 pounds survival mission, but the truth is, the humanitarian hearts of an Igbo man is immeasurable.

Don’t forget that the Igbo man isn’t looking unto the government of the day for survival, they are independently industrious and still the most prosperous tribe in Nigeria. Other tribes in Nigeria might not survive if they were in the Igbos.

Martin Luther King Jr quotes “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” Mahatma Gandhi made it known that “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but you must do it.”

As an Igbo man, do not forget that you are independent. No matter how they see you, your humanitarian services are all that keeps you going and sorting above others. To all Igbo man out there, May you remain blessed.

Written By Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere Obinwannem News

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