Climate change will result in building collapse – Engr Iwanyanwu warns

Obinwannem News Climate change will result in building collapse - Engr Iwanyanwu warns

Elder statesman and foremost structural engineer, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, has cautioned that the climatic change witnessed across the globe will put more strain on engineering structures and lead to building collapse.

He however recommended that the Nigerian Society of Engineers and COREN should set up a committee to re-examine the structural code for building on reclaimed soil.

Iwuanyanwu, who stated this during the 2021 Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) annual conference held in Abuja, noted that the severe impact of climatic change on the world and humanity is well known and acclaimed by all sincere leaders.

The elder statesman who is also a Fellow of Nigeria Society of Engineers said, “It is clear that the effect of climatic changes on the world will completely affect our way of life and bring severe strain on some of our engineering structures.

“For example, in the past twelve months, Nigeria has experienced very unusual rainfall, the runoff has been so severe that rivers, seas and oceans have been flooded in parts of Nigeria.

“This committee will liaise with appropriate federal and state authorities to ensure that proper remedy is adopted to protect structures already completed and also to ensure that all future designs in the areas where soils have been reclaimed have foundations that can stand all the challenges of climatic change.”

“Many exotic structures are built on reclaimed land. From my studies on hydraulics and structures, I don’t have any doubt in my mind that if these situations persist for years, it will create a great damage to the foundations of the structures and may lead to collapse of buildings.

“Many roads and bridges in some places have been washed away and from what experts predict, we are just witnessing a change that may last for a very long time.”

Speaking on the epileptic power situation in Nigeria, Iwuanyanwu tasked the Nigerian Society of Engineers to set up a committee that will educate Nigerians on why the huge funding on power has not produced a steady power supply.

He also expressed worry over the lack of job opportunities for young graduate engineers, noting that it can be frustrating.

“My suggestion is that government should every year while making budget, set out some money in budget to recruit some young graduate engineers, these engineers should be posted to various contracts as a trainee engineers who will learn on the job, after some time most of them will be able to set up their own businesses or even get employment in other enterprises.

“This program is going to facilitate our economic and technological independence which is as important as political independence”, he said.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku Obinwannem News Writer / Dec 9, 2021

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