Churches: The Hypocrisy Of Men In God’s Kingdom

Obinwannem News It is high time these church leaders began to amend their ways because the time of reckoning is fast approaching.

It is very appalling to have most church leaders who should be instrumental to the advancement of a community or nation but are clogs to the wheel of progress. A handful of (African) pastors does ‘impoverish’ the people; their members, in essence.

How could a church build institutions, and make it difficult for the average people to access them? these preachers do not practice what they preach to the people. They are only after their pockets, but the welfare of their church members.

I only feel pity for the poor members in the church that have no one to behold in times of need, they only get hope in the church where the saints are found, but to no avail. Ironically, when the pastors need financial aids they get from their members; but when it is not well with the church members, pastors direct them to God.

These church leaders have mentally ‘enslaved’ their poor members in the church; taken their minds out from the reach of the people that could have helped them; whereas the members are being enjoined to make donations in the name of sowing seeds, building projects (schools, hospitals); then, in the end, it becomes a Herculean task for the church deal with the bills emanating from the hospital/schools.

Let the church arise and stand for the truth. Do not allow any man with the Bible to deceive you again; not everything that proceeds from your pastor is a directive from God. So sad, that some have gone to the extent of “thus says the Lord,” just to enrich their pockets.

But then, if your pastor has a love for you, he will make the school fees affordable for all his members no one will be exempted. He is the CEO of the school; what he says is what will be, and you are the one who makes it possible for him to have built those institutions. The little money you contributed has a great impact on building the school, or hospital.

You may say, “how much did I even contribute to this project”. But, only your five nairas (#5) by one million members – for churches that have several branches or even a particular church with one million members gives you five million nairas (5,000,000) for the one-time offering; not tithes nor freewill donation in the church.

It is high time these church leaders began to amend their ways because the time of reckoning is fast approaching.

Written by Chiadikaobi Chiekweilo Obinwannem News

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