Changing The Narrative Of Yesterday: We must all rise now, to avoid a repeat of Rwanda in Nigeria” – Simon Ekpa

Obinwannem News Changing The Narrative Of Yesterday: We must all rise now, to avoid the repeat of Rwanda in Nigeria - Simon Ekpa

Alarming information: If I can reject Nigeria in 2019 and accept Biafra, yours is a matter of time.

We must all rise, to avoid the repeat of Rwanda in Nigeria. Watch, Listen and share. If Simon Ekpa, a one-time diehard one Nigeria, can preach Biafra in 2019, believe me, your case is just a matter of time. In Biafra lies the Hope.

Cameroon will no longer benefit from a trade pact between the US and sub-Saharan African countries because of alleged “gross” human rights violations against its citizens.

Nigeria will soon join the list, we are getting there. No democratic Nation has killed its citizens like Nigeria did since 2015.

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  • Young Amicable The corrupt leaders must fall, Nigeria is a dying country. A hopeless and useless country with no atom of respect and regards to human life. What a pity? Please, Trump, remember to hit and sanction Nigeria. All hail Biafra
  • Bro Ken Nigeria is even worst come to human rights violations so if they removed Cameroon because of that I think Nigeria is lucky.
  • Chekwubechi Nelly Nigeria should be on the list even before Cameroon, so I wonder the dilatory.
  • Samuel Okoli You are right, Nigerian human right record is very bad since this junta came on board.
  • Godwin Nnamdi Ezeamii So what is stopping the USA from banning Nigeria in like manner. Pretenders everywhere.
  • Nworah Ekene Why Cameron, what about Nigeria, is Cameron not learning when you talk about Nigeria?
  • Emeka Maduabuchi Trump, please hit Nigeria without wasting time.

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