Celebration rocks over ‘Ozo title’ in Nsukka community Enugu State

Obinwannem News Celebration rocks over 'Ozo title' in Nsukka community Enugu State

A great event in Igboland reffered to as ‘Ozo title’ pulled an amazing scene in Umu Iya Nrobo Uzo Uwani, Nsukka Enugu State, on Friday, August 27.

According to the customs and traditions of Ndigbo, Ozo title is a known tradition which holds great significance in the Igbo race.

Obinwannem correspondent who monitored the event reported that it was a notable event where traditional rulers uphold the culture of the land to crown a worthy individual of the Ozo title after several assessment has been done.

Obinwannem gathered that the Ozo crown is an honored title, and it helps fooster development of the community and also promote the culture and traditions of the people (Omenala).

Intrestingly, the title is crowned in the night, after the celebration must have taken place at noon, with dance and merriment. To usher in the festival a talking drum will be played, which is traditionally called ‘Ikoro’. Once the villagers hear the drum, they would understand that someone as assumed the position of an Ozo title.

The instrument is not drummed by an ordinary person, rather a person who is a titled with Ozo.

The Ozo title is crowned by the Monarchs and traditional rulers such as (Nze, Ozo, and Kings) in the night in the absence of any other person.

A brother to the celebrant, Daniel Ugwu, Managing Director of Dangold limited company, explained what the Ozo title is all about.

He said, “Ozo title is a traditional festival embraced in all Igbo land, mostly people who believe in our culture. The celebrant goes through a series of assessment until the final crowning. My brother has being in this process to be a titled ‘Ozo’ for good 3 years. Ozo title is an honored tittle, and that is why you see everyone here happy to celebrate this achievement”.

Chinedu Nnaji
Head admin Ndi Nta Akuko
Enugu State
Reporting for Obinwannem umu omenala Igbo global

Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News / August 28, 2021

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