Buhari romance to terrorists is pushing us to join terrorists, IDPs tells FG

Obinwannem News Buhari romance to terrorists is pushing us to join terrorists, IDPs tells FG

Buhari romance to terrorists is pushing us to join terrorists, IDPs tells FG

Both the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Kuchingworo and Durumi camps at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja had said Buhari is petting and romancing terrorists who have made their lives unbearable, threatening them to join terrorists hence Buhari is treating them (terrorists) with love, ignoring them (the victims).

This was made known during the public presentation of the report ‘Managing Internal Displacement Crisis in Nigeria’ held in Abuja.

One of the IDPs who pled anonymity said the Buhari government has been biased for prioritizing rehabilitation of the repentant Boko Haram and abandoning them to nurse their wounds.

He continued by saying he lost both his parents and all his siblings to Boko Haram terrorist before he escaped, he further said IDPs in his camp are not only abandoned but discriminated against by the society, wondering why the government would stop free medical treatment and other provisions made available to them in past only to turn attention to the same Boko Haram that had and still causing the country so much pains.

In his word: “I lost my father and all members of my family to Boko Haram before I escaped to this camp and see my life, the government can’t pay attention to me but it can rehabilitate repentant Boko Haram”.

“The society is also our problem because they discriminate against us. A German offered to take me abroad, but I was denied visa at the German embassy because I am an IDP. Some of us have skills and are hardworking but because we found ourselves in IDP camp, the society treats us as if we are nobody’’.

‘‘I am worried that the government would start rehabilitating what they called repentant Boko Haram and abandon us their victims in the IDP camp to suffer hunger and deprivation. If that is how it wants it, we will be compelled to join Boko Haram so that the government can pay attention to us”.

“it’s obvious deprivation and hunger in the camp and we no longer have free access to medicals, we were made to sell our food items to raise money to foot our medical bills”.

“We are warning FG to stop their evil ways in treating Boko Haram terrorists with love because most of us in IDPs would be compelled to join terrorists if the government continues its approach”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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