Buhari is laying landmines that will destroy Nigeria – Abaribe

Obinwannem News Buhari is laying landmines that will destroy Nigeria – Abaribe

Buhari is laying landmines that will destroy Nigeria – Abaribe

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Minority Leader of the 9th Senate, said that the Muhammadu Buhari-led government is toeing on a dangerous part that will definitely return Nigeria to zero in the nearest future.

Abaribe said this during an interview with Sunday Vanguard and obtained by Obinwannem News.

Speaking on the State of the nation and the issue of 2023 zoning of the presidency, Abaribe noted that during his last interview before the NBC came up with their five million Naira fine, and so became a part of everything: The executive, the judiciary and the legislature, he stated that events taking place across the nation have repeatedly taken place, adding that 2023 is not almost here, but three years away.

“So, when I granted that interview and they asked this same question, I said I will answer using an allegory from Fela Anikulakpo Kuti; that Fela sang a song called ‘Confusion break bone’ and in the opening part of the song, he spoke about mismanagement and stealing by the government; saying “everything na old news be that”.

“So, what you’re just talking about sounds like old news, sounds like a broken record repeating itself and that is the most pitiful part of everything. The same things that this government complained about when they came in 2015 have even got worse and, of course, when they were getting worse before the last elections, we complained and people were also complaining and pointing out to them that “you guys are doing exactly the same things that you complained about and nothing seems to be getting better”.

“And at that time the APC government always had a fallback position and that fallback position was that “PDP left this place in shambles and we are coming in to repair it”.

Stressing further, Abaribe lamented that after five years, the APC has left the country in even worse shape than they complained about.

“There is nothing you can do, this government has lost it. So, when we talk about the state of the nation today, I think what we actually ought to pray for, which was what I called for on that day, is that it is about time patriots step in.

“By the time they finish, there will probably be no Nigeria left and we will continue to say it. There will be none and if there is no Nigeria, then all these things that we are doing, all the running around, all the ups and downs become an exercise in futility.

When asked if the PDP senators could checkmate some of the things ongoing in the National Assembly, he said: “We have more senators in APC than in PDP. We have never had equal number.

Abaribe continued, “Our job as the opposition is to oppose and say “no” which we will continue to do on the floor but the provisions of our rules and democratic ethos say on the floor of both chambers, voice vote and cast votes determine where you go and so, despite your opposition, the votes still say that they should toe the line of their party. We have no options left.

Going with the question what legacy is Buhari going to leave behind, Abaribe said; “He is just going to leave a legacy of debts, a legacy of difficulty and the most important legacy which the President has left or will leave will be a legacy of making things totally impossible for whoever takes over from him to govern.

“This government has been the only government that has gone against the laws of this country.

“It has gone against Section 14 (3) of the Constitution which talks about Federal Character. It has gone against the Federal Character principles that were even brought by previous governments before us in order to weld us together in terms of unity.

“Even the Federal Character Commission itself that is supposed to be the ombudsman that would check the breaches of the law by government was also compromised by this government where today both Chairman and Secretary are manned by people from the northern part of the country.

“Before now, you had a Chairman from the northern part and you had the Secretary from the South and this is what I am talking about that this government is going to make it extremely impossible for whoever takes over from them to do well.

“Assuming somebody takes over and he is from the South-West, will he follow what this government has already instituted, for example, by putting all security agencies, the 14 or 16 of them, under people from the South just like the Federal Government has done today by putting all people from the North?

“Assuming it is somebody from the South-East, will he put everything under people from the South-East?

“Will this country take it? So, what this government has done is to lay landmines that will destroy this country and when we were shouting and telling some elements that they are laying conditions to make this country rupture, they said the President needs to work with only those that he is comfortable with and now you can see the consequences of that.

“Now that he has instituted nepotism as a fundamental part of the architecture of government, somebody coming after him, supposing his own people come to him and say “it’s been done before” just like they are telling us “oh PDP did it before” and so if I become President and I decide that all my brothers from the South-East will take over everything and so, I retire everybody and put my people because it has been done before and, if you talk, I will say, “listen, Buhari did it”.

Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere reporting, Obinwannem News

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