Borno Killings: We killed 78 rice farmers, Boko Haram opens up

Obinwannem News Borno Killings: We killed 78 rice farmers, Boko Haram opens up

A terrorist group of the Islamic State, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for the carnage that left over forty (40) rice farmers dead in Borno’s Zabarmari.

“We are sending this message to the people of Nigeria that we are responsible for what happened recently in the suburbs of Maiduguri. Especially the one that took place at Zabarmari, we undertook it. Likewise the one that took place at Gom, we are responsible as well,” the group revealed.

Obinwannem News had reported that farmers were killed following an attack by Boko Haram militants at Zabarmari community, Jere local government, Borno State.

Forty-three (43) farmers were said to have been “slaughtered,” however, in a video released Tuesday, courtesy of the leader of the terrorist group, Abubakar Shekau, the latter admitted they went after (killed) “78 farmers” because one of their members was handed over to the Nigerian army.

The group leader, Shekau, stated it was “to serve as deterrent for your assumption that you can arrest one of our people and hand him over to the soldiers. You will not see peace when you do that. Don’t ever assume that God Almighty is forgetful of what you did.”

Speaking further, he said; “Our second message to you is that you should repent; you should repent. Your repentance is preferable to us than killing you; meaning that we are not after killing you. What we are after is for you to repent and come and submit to the religion of God.

“That is why we are on the mission and this is what we want to achieve. It is only he that refuses to repent that we will fight. Whosoever repents is of us and we will embrace him warmly and live with him as our brother, just as we recently retrieved some of our brothers who declared their repentance.

“The third message is to those who stand fast on what they are on, meaning, those who arrest our brothers and hand them over to soldiers or give the soldiers information about us and so on. You should know that what has happened to your people recently will happen to you if you persist.

“If you think this will save you then keep to it and you will see. We will never stop what we are doing. This is our promise and we believe God Almighty will make us succeed.”

Meanwhile, men of goodwill have strongly condemned the killings, calling on the government to intensify the security wing of the country.

The National Assembly had asked the Presidency to sack the “overstayed” service chiefs, while the House of Representatives said they would summon the president over the killing.

Ozoemela Chikwas reporting, Obinwannem News

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