Biafra: This special gospel is very important, We must understand it – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Obinwannem News Biafra: This special gospel is very important, We must understand it - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

This lecture is directed primarily at Biafrans. From Idoma land to Opobo, from Igbanke to Bakassi. You must listen and carefully and attentively. Because we all know that one Nigeria is unworkable and it’s doing more harm than good.

We have also seen with our eyes and in our foolishness, some people who can never be saved all they talk about is the presidency in 2023. All they talk about is the turn of our village and elected office. They have come, they have not learned anything, they are not good students of history. They are not scholars of social development and advancement. All they do is sit in one place and pontificate over irrelevant issues.

The only thing that can save you when you are in a quagmire as our people have found themselves in today, is to seek redemption. That redemption comes from freedom. Freedom is the foundation base upon which every advancement is possible. You can be materially well-off, you can be rich as much as you like but if you do not have freedom, you are nothing.

And no matter how hard you try, you can never attain that pinnacle of preeminence. The way that the United States has enjoyed more than any other civilization on the face of this earth since the inception of mankind.

Why is America the longest surviving civilization of its kind? It’s because they have freedom. It may not be perfect but they have it. they debate it, they advance it, they curtail it. that is the reason why they are advancing. But in our place, all some fools want to talk about is election circle.

I said this before if the election is the panacea if the election is that magic pill that when you take it all your problems are solved why are you killing for a visa to the USA? Why do you want to travel to Europe? Is the prime minister of Canada from your village? The answer is no. so it doesn’t matter who is in power. It is how society is structured. I am not leaving it to the goodwill or the attitude or extended behavior of whoever that’s in power.

You have to draw up, you have had to lay the foundation, you need to prepare the structure from which you pin all your hope. And that is freedom. Not something that man can give you. It is something that we can all give to ourselves through the grace of God in heaven.

You must also understand importantly, critically, as we advance this very evening that our shops are being burnt, the latest one is at Idumota. They went to Onitsha, they burnt it and people died. How many days and we have all forgotten? We know how people value lives where we come from, but all of a sudden we no longer value lives anymore. When people die these days in most horrific of circumstances it doesn’t occur to anybody anymore to say how do we stop this problem from happening again.

I just want to draw this thing out so that you’ll understand it very clearly. I want to show you an example of how white people reason and black people, and why white people are advancing and blacks are not especially those from Africa. It is the way that you reason.

What happened after the Ethiopia crash? They the United States government and the federal safety and transmission board and airlines all over the world sat down and said: “we don’t want to lose more lives”. They grounded the entire flight. Let us compare the number of people that were killed in Onitsha with those that died in those twin air crash involving Bowing 77max if I’m not right, please correct me.

Do you know that Alamajiri came to Onitsha, parked a tanker, opened it up some idiots went to go and collect a highly inflammable liquid with open containers? The same Alamajiri set fire and our people burnt, shops were burnt, businesses destroyed. Do you know that the same thing happened in Mbano? Some people foolishly went to go and replicate exactly what happened in Onitsha. The same thing happened at Nnewi.

We know that one, at “Amoba” they burnt, and decide to go and destroy our businesses. They are burning our businesses in Lagos. They are burning our businesses in Kano even the Nigerian government has now compared the Ghanian government to suppress our people in Ghana who are doing their legitimate businesses in Ghana asking them to shut down their shops.

The funniest thing is, this is not the number one trending news for our people, it is not the number one discussion point for our people, all some fools are concerned about is about 2023. It’s about how to elect their friend or their village man to go to Abuja and become something that nobody has ever become in Nigeria. Something Zik never became, something that Ironsi tried and failed, something that Ekwueme tried and was frustrated, yet nothing happened till this very day.

The same group of people responsible for the deplorable states of our roads, those who couldn’t build hospitals, those are presiding over our crumbling schools, those who have made it their life mission to frustrate the yelling and aspirations of our youths. You graduate and you have no job and all you can do is to try and defend an indefensible system.

The British high commissioner has come again. Do they use to come before? No, they never came before. Why have they come? That is my question. The British high commissioner to Nigeria Katyyona Lyn has concluded plans to embark on a tour of Imo, Anambra and Enugu state from November 5 to 7.

During the Operation python dances they never came, when our people were killed they never came, maybe now, they can see what their boys are doing on the ground, what their Fulani boys are doing, killing and maiming, arresting and detaining without trial, extorting money on multiple checkpoints.

The thing is, why is she coming at this time? Anytime we make a diplomatic move abroad, you’ll see them back home trying to connive and to put a stop to what they know is unstoppable. This IPOB that I head, nobody can stop it. I’m being honest with you.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Only God in heaven can, and Chiukwu Abiama cannot because this was what he mandated that should be done. The reason why my father married mother is because of where we are today, that Biafra may come. Write it down somewhere.

On this same platform, I had said that I will sacrifice anything sacrificial including my parents. And I will do it ten times over. And Biafra will come. I say to our enemies to double their plans and do whatever they can to stop us, they can never succeed. Because they say one with God is the majority.

We are not asking for something that does not belong to us. We are asking for freedom for everybody including the Alamajiris who cannot go to school, we want everybody to be free and have a very decent life but you cannot get it with Fulani caliphate in charge. It is impossible., not in a trillion years.

The British high commissioner has to Biafraland because the effect of what we did in the USA is now reaching them. I was granted an interview with VOA which was listened to in over 200 different languages of the earth. They the world is aware of us.

The reason the British High commissioner is coming is that she wants to find out if these waves we’re making all over the world if they have the support of their Fulani slaves amongst our people.

Whenever we make diplomatic waves abroad, they will be shouting and praying for one Nigeria, because they know that as long as I am alive and IPOB is here, I WILL BREAK NIGERIA.
I speak with every honesty that no Jupiter or any man born of human can stop IPOB. Such a person has not been given birth to.

The British high commissioner according to the British embassy in Nigeria will be engaging with government officials and civil servant officials across the states as the first time she will be visiting the region.

The British High commissioner said she will be visiting the South East, and I ask, Southeast of where? Southeast is meaningless as much as she can’t call herself the same from the UK. This is what they told the Fulani slaves to call us.

All I seek is wisdom above all other things in the world. Wisdom and knowledge are all I seek. Nothing more nothing less and things must be done properly. That is why I am not a millionaire. If I wanted to be, I would have become, but I said no. because you cannot be a millionaire and your people are reasoning like fools.

The Fulani caliphates have already told her to meet Obiano, Okezie Ikpeazu and other idiots they are using. And will come to say they are trying in the development of the states. And the reason is that, when you see the white woman praising them, you could be convinced to say that they are indeed trying.

The only thing she will take back home with her from Biafra land is that she will be sure that these government officials are not going to support Biafra any soon.

She did not come before, but now that I went to Washington, went to the senate and the congress and it’s now that she knows that she’ll come and see the stress that they are making, not even because of those that were killed.

Britain is at the forefront making sure that the protest in Hongkong is holding, they make sure to cover and write about all the protests in the world, but whenever they were slaughtered, the same people they say to care about, they will say nothing about it. Because we are black people, and we do not reason very well. They can deceive you and not us.

The British high commissioner says that we are the cradle of education, but when it comes to the presidency, you give it to the Alamajiris where there is no education. There is a video I’ll play later, and I assure you that nowhere in this world would such a person near the ballot box to talk of voting him in.

Now that the British high commissioner is in Biafra land, maybe she has started calculating the population strategy of our land because the British government supported the killing of Biafrans during the war. They have removed the trace of the Biafran war from the British archives, that is also a known fact.

I keep asking the British government what crimes Biafrans have committed to attract such hatred they have for them. Is it because our oracle in Arochukwu fought you, the Ekwumwkwu also fought you and you went to Hausa Alamajiri without brains and he accepted you? Is this why you hate Biafrans this much?

Dividing us into Niger Delta did not work, southeast and south-south did not also work, now it’s to come and supervise the death of Biafrans. Are you telling me that Britain never knew? Are you telling me that you don’t know what Buratai is doing to Biafrans?

Another important news that I must bring to your notice is Abba-Kyari who is the president of Nigeria today. Some of you have seen the latest portrait of Jubril they circulated claiming it is Buhari. Jubril is supposed to be 77 years of age Hameed Ali the comptroller general of custom is 64 years, but it looks like Hameed looks way too older than Jubril.

This stupidity must be genetic. It sounds so depressing, but it is the truth. I have never seen a situation where you are showing someone something, and they say but I can’t see it.

They took the bill to a president they claim is theirs to London to sign. Go and research if there’s anywhere in history where a sitting president had ever signed a bill abroad. That’s how daft Nigerians are.

If you are part of this family you must remain resolute, you must remain focus and if you want to acquire some common sense, you must be part of IPOB regardless of where you are because all we seek is the truth, justice, and fairness. Not in the words that we speak, but in the actions that we carry out daily and on behalf of all the crew with me, from me from here it is a good evening.

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Written By Nwada Ugochinyere Onyechere Obinwannem News

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