Biafra: The reason Biafra is going and never become part of Nigeria anymore – Simon Ekpa

Obinwannem News Biafra: The reason Biafra is going and never become part of Nigeria anymore - Simon Ekpa

This is the reason Biafra is going and this is the reason Biafra can never be part of Nigeria anymore.

Major Al-Mustapha, said that’s why I tell you Nigeria fundamental major been is one single issue you know what its? the fundamental issue in Nigeria is called an institutional decayed the library thing you have done to rule the country and making you a slave.

All tears of government must function abuses of the provision of the constitution of the land is a gross abuse only a country that doesn’t know what they are doing will sit down and have a tear a whole tear of government trone away and you said its a fight.

Major Al-Mustapha was right that is the reason why the system has decayed and that is the reason they are turning Nigeria to slave country but Biafrans have refused to be slave we have rejected slavery that is why we are shouting and agitating for our freedom of Biafra republic.

Today they have recruited Boko-Haram into the Nigeria army and police and each time they recruit after recruiting they will come public denied recruiting of Boko-Haram’s into Nigeria army.

We have the record of Boko-Haram members they recruited into the Nigeria army, they always recruited them secretly into the army and police. So Major Al-Mustapha you’re right because of the Nigeria system is rotting and we can not continue to be part of it.

Look at this report; The military authorities on Wednesday released 983 suspected Boko-Haram members cleared of complicity with the terror group. After releasing the 983 Boko-Haram members President Muhamadu Buhari signed a document to create or recruit 400,000 policemen in Nigeria.

That 983 Boko-Haram members will be recruited in the Nigeria police but after we broke this evil act and I made a video and Biafrans and other Nigerians how the Nigeria government is recruiting Boko-Haram members into Nigeria the army and police and they came our to denied it as usual.

Now one Major also came to the public and said that even the repentant Boko-Haram members can become president of Nigeria.

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Written By Vladimir Chimaobi Obinwannem News

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