Benue governor narrates ordeals on assassination attempt by herdsmen

Obinwannem News Benue governor narrates ordeals on assassination attempt by herdsmen

Benue State governor Samuel Ortom narrated how God saved his life from the hands of some suspected herdsmen on Saturday.

The Governor alleged he was attacked on his farm at Tyo-mu on the Makurdi-Gboko road by 15 gun carrying herdees.

He called for the arrest and prosecution of leaders Miyetti Allah, Allah Kautai Hore who he alleged had singled him out for assisination at a recent meeting in Yola, Adamawa State.

A former chairman of Miyetti Allah in Benue state Garus Gololo, dismissed Ortom’s claim as a “mere propaganda” and an excuse by him to avoid paying workers salary at the end of five months.

Governor Ortom, in his narration of how the incident transpired told reporters in Makurdi, moments after escaping the attack, he ran for more than one kilometer on foot as the herders swooped on his entourage.

“I thank God for my fitness to have run for more than one and half kilometers without stopping,” he said.

“It means that God has given me strength, and am grateful to God.”

He said the six security aides who were with him did a yeoman’s job, taking on the 15 armed herders who came for his life.

According to him, while the security aides engaged and repelled the bandits, he seized the opportunity to take to his heels, running a distance of one and a half kilometers.

“I appreciate the security men attached to me, they were able to repell them; the (bandits) could not get access to me.

“I don’t have a problem with any Fulani man or Fulani race. But I have a problem with Fulani bandits who have vowed to take over Nigeria as their ancestral home. And I say no; not when I am here, and when I am the governor leading my state.

“If I can’t go to farm as a governor with the entire security around me, then who else can go to farm? you can imagine the farms we have here in Benue State,” he said.

In addition, he also said that he had reported the incident to security agencies and hope they carry out the mandate of the president to shoot at sight anyone found with AK-47, in order for people to return back to their farms.

“I want to call on Mr President, the security agencies to fish out these people. They are in the forest between Markudi and Abinse. They are living there and are coming out to commit atrocities – rape women, kill our people, maim them, destroy our farm lands and any time the security agencies go after them, they run across the river and back to the forest.”

Meanwhile, an eyewitness said Ortom familiarity of the terrain went a long way in saving his life.

Governor Ortom’s Party, PDP, had condemned the attack by the suspected bandits, calling it,” reckless attack and assisination attempts”.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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