Any attempt to arrest Igboho ‘ll shake Nigeria’s stability – FFK

Obinwannem News Any attempt to arrest Igboho 'll shake Nigeria's stability - FFK

Former Minister of Aviation and lawyer, Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) has revealed that plans by the Nigerian government to kill, or arrest the Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho could pose threat to the peace and stability of Nigeria.

The pursuit for the self-determination of the Yoruba, Oduduwa Republic is on swift momentum by the persistent actions of Igboho, declaring the South West region was no longer under Nigeria; also the eviction of Fulani herders, and the Seriki Fulani of Igangan wrecking havoc in South West.

Fani Kayode’s comment came after Igboho’s media aide, Olayomi Koiki revealed that the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, through a letter invited Igboho to the station.

Igboho, however, refused to accept the letter stating that the IGP had better invite Boko harram terrorists and bandits, with the same letter before addressing such to him.

A Tweet statement was released on the issue by Femi Kayode, noting that Igboho has committed no crime, adding it would be dangerous to arrest him, due to his influence on majority of the South West region as a man who was fighting to defend his people.

The tweet partly reads, “I will say this just once. The biggest threat to the peace and stability of Nigeria today is the plan by some hardliners in the federal government to kill, arrest or detain my friend and brother Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho).

“Arresting, detaining or killing this man will be the biggest mistake that the federal government can make. I say this firstly; as far as I am aware, he has not broken any law. (Andl secondly, because he represents the thought and aspirations of over 70millions Yoruba people. To every single one of those people, he is the greatest hero of the Southwest since Oduduwa.”

FFK stated that Igboho has kept the promise of peace he pledged, and has offered protection to the innocent Hausa Fulani after the food embargo on the South was lifted.” Without his assured promise of safety to northerners the embargo would not be lifted, which would cause major crisis and conflicts.”

He added that plans to attack and kill Southerners in the North were averted due to Igbohos intervention. Igboho was said to have played vital roles in defending and protecting the Yoruba people against homicidal and violent Fulani terrorists that has been launching several attacks against them from the forest of the west.

“To kill or arrest such a man who has committed no crime and who millions all over SW love, and would gladly die for is a dangerous, reckless and self destructive course to take,” he said.

He advised the government to dialogue with him and build bridges of peace and understanding, rather than attempting to arrest, kill him, or wage war against him.

Lolo Ijeoma Njoku reporting, Obinwannem News

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